Engaged Faculty

Dorm-Vandommelen Dorn Van Dommelen
Geography & Environmental Studies

Dr. Van Dommelen teaches GEOG/INTL 101: Local Places/Global Regions, Earth Systems (ENVI/GEOG 211), several upper-division courses in historical geography and regional geography, and INTL 315: Canada: Nation and Identity for UAA's International Studies Program. Service-learning is increasingly important to him, especially his work with Heifer International. He is interested in settlement history, agricultural development, and the environment.


Shannon-Donovan  Shannon Donovan
Geography & Environmental Studies
Dr. Donovan served as a National Science Foundation Integrative Graduate Education and Traineeship (IGERT) fellow working on two interdisciplinary projects designed to craft conservation strategies for the Volcánica Central de Talamanca Biological Corridor of Costa Rica and the Palouse region of the Inland Northwest.  Shannon also has extensive experience facilitating collaborative groups, running community meetings, leading focus groups and designing a variety of qualitative and quantitative survey instruments.  Her primary areas of expertise include sense of place, bioregional planning and resource conservation.
Relevant Course Taught: ENVI 470 – Environmental Planning & Problem Solving

 Raymond Anthony Raymond Anthony

Dr. Anthony is interested in environmental, food, animal and agricultural ethics. He also specializes in Philosophy of Technology, in particular issues dealing with social justice, participatory democracy, future generations and responsible citizenship. He continues to explore concerns in ethical theory, especially debates surrounding the status of quasi-realism as it relates to moral explanation. Dr Anthony's areas of expertise inlclude Ethical Theory, Animal, Environmental and Food Ethics, Philosophy of Technology.
Relevant Course Taught – PHIL 303 – Environmental Ethics
Other Involvement –  Faculty Associate for Sustainability; Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Sustainability; Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee; Faculty Advisor, Philosophy Club.