Service-Learning Courses

GEOG A101: Local Places/Global Regions: An Introduction to Geography
Taught by Dorn Van Dommelen
    Students are split into groups through which the will share what they've learned about Heifer International to raise awareness about poverty alleviation and sustainable community growth in the developing world. Each group selects a case study focused on a Heifer International's work in a specific region of the world and develops a creative activity to raise awareness about Heifer International's work to reduce poverty and increase community health and self-sufficiency around the world. This class works with Heifer International as well as potential partnerships established by student groups conducting the project.

PHIL A303: Environmental Ethics
Taught by Raymond Anthony
    The service project for this class is different each semester, but in the past the class has helped to organize a sustainability fair on campus and sponsored environmental ethics symposiums with expert speakers from across the country.

HNRS A192: Limits to Growth
Taught by Mary Logan
    Students split into groups and identify and "write problem" statement for an environmental or sustainability issue in the Anchorage community. Each group then develops and implements an action plan to promote change on the issue identified in their problem statement. The project concludes with each group presenting its problem, action plan, and the results of their action plan. This class works with local, environmentally- or sustainably-related agencies determined by the student groups.