Campus Organizations

Human Services Club
"Each year our club adopts‟ a different agency focusing on needs within the community. Our two major annual events are the Ton in Ten which is held in November and the Chili Challenge that is held in March. The Ton in Ten provides Peanut Butter and Jelly to [organizations] in need of food, and we are always looking for places to donate the food to. The Human Services Club is a service based club; the events we become involved in are in some way a benefit to the community." The choices of which organizations the Human Services Club helps are strongly influenced by the officers of the club, but "we are always looking into new ways to be involved… within UAA and the community" (Danielle Dixon).

Student Social Work Coalition
The Student Social Work Coalition has participated in community events such as January 2011, Project Homeless Connect and Bean‟s Café 2011 Empty Bowl Project, also volunteer with Anchorage‟s soup kitchens and food pantries such as Kid‟s Kitchen and Food Bank of Alaska warehouse. As future social workers, recognize the importance of service and the impact on issues of poverty, hunger and homelessness. The School of Social Work offices are located in Suite 106 of the Gordon Hartlieb Hall, northwest of the Lucy Cuddy Dining Center.