"Hungry in America" by Trudy Lieberman
Abstract: This article comments on the state of poverty in the U.S. with respect to its effects on hunger among the citizens. Although malnutrition and starvation that prevailed through the 1960s have largely disappeared, an estimated 33 million people live in households that are not sure where their next meals are coming from. Food and hunger are a window through which the current state of the U.S. can be seen. The country has become indifferent to the basic needs of its people, one that forces millions of them to depend on private charity that is not enough, inefficient and often unavailable.
Source: Nation, 8/18/2003-8/25/2003, Vol. 277 Issue 5, p17-22, 5p, 1 Illustration

"Students without Homes" by Vicky Dill
Abstract: The article discusses the education of homeless children in the U.S. The author discusses one of her high school students who had to move into a shelter when his family lost their home and how that impacted him personally and his school work. Statistics related to homeless children in the U.S. are provided. Schools are required by U.S. federal law to employ a homeless liaison, the duties and training of which are described. The signs whereby teachers can discern if a student is homeless include depression, poor health, hygiene and nutrition, and stress. How teachers can best communicate and work with homeless students is considered.
Source: Educational Leadership, Nov2010, Vol. 68 Issue 3, pp. 43-47.