Service-Learning Courses

Health Sciences 220: Core Concepts in the Health Sciences
This course is offered every fall and spring and consists of a community engagement component. Each student is required to identify a community partner whose missions and operation addresses one or more of the determinants of health discussed in class. Students may choose a community partner identified by the instructor or may identify their own partner. Students participate in a project with the community partner, write a paper reflecting on the mission and operation of the community partner, and conclude the project with an in class presentation on the community partner and the student's project. This service learning component provides students with the expose to a range of community organizations that address health issues in Alaska and the people who they serve.

Dental Hygiene A324 & Dental Hygiene A424 - Community Dental Health I & II
Taught by: Elizabeth Barnett
These courses are offered in the spring and include the development and implementation of a basic community dental health care project that's goal is to encourage/support the student as they discover advocacy for the underserved, to provide quality care to those individuals lacking access to dental care, to discover action research while they are learning as they teach. Students decide the topic of the project but in the past they have covered a wide range of interest from young teens facing pregnancy, unwed mothers, drug and alcohol additions, oncology, runaways, Title 1 students, refugee and immigrant populations, elderly, disabled, mentally challenged persons, and special needs. The students challenge their assumptions and tailor the intervention to meet what the stakeholder needs, not what the students thinks they need and usually the intervention is education of both participants and the leaders in the organization.

Psychology 665: Psychotherapy Practicum
Taught by: Dr. Patricia Sandberg
This course and practicum is offered every fall, spring, and summer semesters. Students working on their masters or doctorate degrees complete a practicum in the Psychological Services Center at UAA. During this time, the students provide counseling services to people in the community while receiving supervision from a licensed psychologist. Students gain supervised experience in the process of psychotherapy with particular focus placed on cultural diversity. The Psychological Services Center is one of the only clinics in Anchorage that offers a sliding scale fee to its clients.