State, National & International Resources

State Resources

Alaska Association for the Education of Young Children (Alaska AEYC)
This is an organization that is the world's largest professional early childhood organization and includes over 100,000 members. The program is working to bring high quality education to child from birth to age eight. Alaska AEYC and it's three local affiliates serve the needs of early childhood education professionals in the state of Alaska. For more information about AEYC check out their website!

Alaska Head Start Association (AHSA)
A membership organization representing Head Start parents, staff, directors and friends, whose purpose is to support and advocate for children and families. This is an awesome program that is a huge part of increasing access and exposure to quality early childhood education for underprivileged children and families. The program engages parents in the children's learning and works with families toward their education, economic, and literacy goals. For more information about AHSA check out their website!

Ready to Read Resource Center
This is a program that promotes early literacy development through providing reading kits to those who work closely with infants and toddlers. They are able to provide reading kits to children throughout Alaska. Ready to Read is based out of the Z.J. Loussac Library in Anchorage, AK. A generous grant from the Anchorage Public Library and supportive funding from the Institute of the Museum have made this program possible. For more information about Ready to Read Resource Center check out their website!

Thread: Connecting Early Care and Education to Alaska
Thread is a program that emphasizes that children begin learning at birth not when the reach kindergarten. The organization has created a network of trained professionals who support early educators and parents. These professionals help ensure that parents and teachers are knowledgeable and supported in providing their children with the guidance they need for lifelong success.  


National Resources

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
FAFSA is a way for any student to apply for Federal Student Aid, Work Study, or Grants to attend college. It helps students who would otherwise be unable to pay for college to find a way to go to college.


International Resources

United Nations
The United Nations is a council of most of the countries in the world which makes decisions about world conflicts or problems. They have declared that as part of basic human rights, everyone has the right to a free public elementary education and are working toward that goal.