Service-Learning Courses

The department of education includes several courses that involved direct interaction with the Anchorage School District as a component in the teaching and learning of students studying to be future teachers. Each individual is required to complete a series of method courses that involve hands on learning, as well as a yearlong internship in which they are paired with a mentor teacher at a school in the Anchorage School District.

Method Courses Include:

EDEL A425               Teaching Reading in Elementary Schools
EDEL A426               Teaching Mathematics in Elementary Schools
EDEL A427               Teaching Social Studies in Elementary Schools
EDEL A428               Teaching Science in Elementary Schools
EDEL A429               Teaching Health Education in Elementary Schools
EDEL A430               Teaching Language Arts In Elementary Schools

Internship Courses Include:

EDEL 495A               Internship IEDEL 495B               Internship II

Other Courses:

HUMS A660: Promoting Positive Development in At-Risk Youth
     This course provides history and current challenges facing the field of positive youth development, examines theoretical and practical frameworks for collaboratively providing quality services and establishing programs and community connections needed to successfully transition into young adulthood. The course provides a service-learning component for students to act as mentors to at-risk youth and to be trained in a research-based model used by community agencies such as Denali Family Services. The course is connected to the Alaska Seeds of Change project coordinated with Denali Family Services and the Anchorage Urban League (The course was offered in summer 2010and will be offered again in Summer 2011).