Become an ENGAGE Social Issues Student Liaison!

UAA's Center for Community Engagement and Learning is looking for active student leaders to join our ENGAGE Social Issues Team for the 2014-2015 academic year and beyond! 

Position Responsibilities:
ENGAGE Liaisons serve between 5-10 hours per week, facilitating connections between the campus and engagement with non-profit and governmental organizations in the community.  Eligible students may receive a tuition award to support their development as leaders in community engagement.

The ENGAGE Student Liaison position offers student leaders the opportunity to create a lasting impact in the community through the development and implementation of curricular service-learning projects or community-based research. Liaisons will serve as resources and connectors for faculty, community agencies, and student volunteers implementing service projects. Liaisons conduct course or volunteer site visits and may act as “site supervisors” or community-engaged student liaisons (CESAs) to monitor community partnerships.

In addition to carrying out and guiding service projects, Liaisons will promote the work being accomplished by all stakeholders involved in the projects. Resources, progress updates, and reflections will be shared over social media platforms including Facebook, blogs, and the CCEL website.

What do ENGAGE Liaisons typically do?  

  • Support an Introduction to Civic Engagement professor with community connections and mentoring students. 
  • Coordinate a Social Issue Project on a broader scale, connecting campus and community.
  • Provide community engagement coordination for Think Tanks, ENGAGE Week, or our spring conference.
  • Develop a poster showcasing project accomplishments for Community Engagement Forum.

In addition, ENGAGE students now have the opportunity (but not required) to earn course credit while meeting as ENGAGE Liaisons.  Fall and Spring semester courses will be offered.

If you are interested in applying:

  1. Download the Student Liaison application.  
  2. Submit the completed application to the CCEL office in LIB 211G or
  3. We will contact selected applicants to schedule an interview.  Applications are reviewed in the order they are received.

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the ENGAGE Social Issues team!

ENGAGE Student Liaisons


What is ENGAGE Social Issues?

The ENGAGE Liaison Project is a team of student liaisons who are connecting faculty, UAA students and community partners to address complex community issues.  

ENGAGE student Rachel WintzAbout the project, student liaison Rachel Wintz says, "This experience was invaluable. I improved my interview skills, research efficiency, learned how to network and communicate in the university setting, and I saw how a project could evolve with the help of a few people who want to share their passion and help others become engaged citizens."

ENGAGE Social Issues and ADP's eCitizenship Initiative

Social citizens are a new breed of activists changing the world with their ideas, technology, and passion. Are you a Social Citizen?

eCitizenship was a three-year initiative of the American Democracy Project and a partnership of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) and the Center for the Study of Citizenship at Wayne State University.  The main goals of e-Citizenship are to engage students in using social networks and technology tools for civic purposes and to prepare students for lives of engagement and participation.

Annual ENGAGE Events


A week-long series of campus and community events.

ENGAGE Week 2014 is scheduled for November 3-7.

UAA celebrated its 3rd Annual ENGAGE Week in November of 2013. Last year the focus was on the "Urban in Alaska" and specifically, Anchorage's neighborhoods in order to better understand the many ways citizens are engaging with their communities to make them great places to live.  ENGAGE Week 2013 featured dialogues, panels, workshops, and outdoor events that highlighted the strengths and challenges of the "Urban in Alaska." 

Urban in Alaska Conference:
The first Urban in Alaska conference was held March 2013, and the second March 28, 2014.  The conference brings together scholars and students from the University of Alaska system as well as professionals working in the field for a one-day workshop and conference to present and discuss topics relevant to urban studies in Alaska.