CESAs supported faculty on 19 community-engaged projects during the 2013-14 year.

"Through my work with the Alaska Brain Bee, I have gained skills in organizing events, designing a large project, and public speaking, all while learning the importance and practicality of community outreach and engagement." -CESA Sean Costello (3 years, Brain Bee)

CESA Sean Costello at poster session

Advanced Russian 302 Service Learning
CESA: Caitlin Cheely
FACULTY: Amanda Murphy, Languages

Stories of Resilience, Local Refugees in Anchorage
CESA: Steffanie La Torre
FACULTY: Rebecca Robinson, Psychology

Refugee Needs Assessment
CESA: Maria Ballard
FACULTY: Rebecca Robinson, Psychology

Alaska Plants as Food & Medicine Symposium
CESA: Brittany Smith
FACULTY: Nancy Nix, Health Sciences

JPC 466 Smoke-Free UAA Campaign
CESA: Paige Haider
FACULTY: Joy Mapaye, Journalism & Communication

Theatre Partnership with ASD
CESA: Tina Chuquichanca, Megan Marquis, Jalita Roberts, Kirsten Swanson
FACULTY: Daniel Anteau, Theatre and Dance

Point-in-Time Homeless Youth Count
CESA: Patricia Chapman
FACULTY: Kathi Trawver, Social Work

AK Native Resources Review
CESA: Lee Kearney
FACULTY: Sheila Selkregg, Public Admin.

Fairview Pop Up Museum
CESA: Tess Forstner
FACULTY: Bree Kessler, Civic Engagement & Learning

Project PAK
CESA: Mark Doughty, Genevieve Sykes, Tabitha Waller
FACULTY: Naomi Torrance, Nursing

Creative Activities Fair
CESA: Erica Rooney, Madelyn Alvanna-Stimpfle, Samantha Mierzejek
FACULTY: Karen Roth, Early Childhood Ed

Model United Nations PS 324
CESA: Duke Kahumoku
FACULTY: Kimberly Pace, Political Science

International Epidemiology Assoc. World Congress
CESA: Melissa Wilson, Melissa Viator
FACULTY: Betty Monsour, Health Sciences

Chester Creek Watershed Water Quality
CESA: Randy Guintu
FACULTY: Frank von Hippel, Jamie Trammell

Living with Dementia: the AK Experience
CESA: Brittany Kuka
FACULTY: Jocelyn McGee, Psychology

ENVI 211 Elementary Science Partnership
CESA: Jennifer Howell, Tess Forstner
FACULTY: Audrey Taylor, Environmental Studies

School Based Health Center Evaluation at Clark
CESA: Johanna Richter, Kou Thao
FACULTY: Gabriel Garcia, Health Sciences

Start the Conversation Project
CESA: Jenny Cho
FACULTY: Gabriel Garcia, Health Sciences

Brain Bee
CESA: Sean Costello
FACULTY: Caroline Wilson, Biological Sciences

FACULTY: Dorn Van Dommelen, Geography & Environmental Studies
CHIEF CESA: Jasmine Woodland
CESAs: Marilyn Alvarenga-Gaxiola, Alyssa Bish, Candice Brooks, Thomas Cordell, Tyler Dooley, William Giedosh, Brandon Grimshaw, Taylor Guetschow, Derek Heck, Nicole Hewitt, Mara James, Rachel Koons, Kierra Marnet, Xavier Mason, Luke Munday, Kyle Perkins, Katherine Pervier, Waverli Rainey, Haliehana Stepetin, Jasmine Woodland, Kyle Worl