Past Graduates' Theses and Research Paper Titles

Below is a list of the Thesis and Research paper titles of students who have graduated with an MA in English since Spring of 2005.

2012 Graduates

Matt P Doogan
The Power of the Written Word: Uncle Tom's Cabin; or, Life Among the Lowly and Internally Persuasive Discourse

2011 Graduates

Kyra Dawn Sherwood   
Bad Romance: Dracula, Twilight, and Rape Culture

Margaret Elizabeth Barber   
Remediated Rhetoric: An Examination of the Rhetorical Implications of Remediation: Understanding New Media

Michael Andrew Lamb   
Reggae Recontextualized: Rebel Music and the Implications of Commercializing a Postcolonial Discourse

Elizabeth Ann Merrill-Bauer   
Mrs. Dalloway's Journey: Coming to Sympathize with Septimus

Philip G Peterson   
Not So Spirited Debate: The Mobilization of Power Through Epideictic Address

William Frances Rannals   
Narrative Voice and Authorial Intention in The Catcher In The Rye

Pamela Allen Simmons   
Dialogue and Discreet Feminism: Sibling Discourse in Eliot's The Mill on the Floss 

2010 Graduates

Cynthia Lee Deike-Sims   
A Jaussian Reading of Isaac Rosenberg

Michael Ray Howard   
Cybernetics and Utopian Images in Terminator 2: Judgement Day 

Heather Marie Caldwell   
A Leap of Faith: Creating Space to (Dis)orient and (Re)orient Sexuality and Identity in Tony Kushner's Angels in America 

Fawn Rosalie Caparas   
Reading Toward Passivity: Sarah, Levinas, and the Ethics of Rhetorical Privilege in the Akedah 

Behnaaz S Irani   
Love as Food in Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida 

Gwen Ellen Jungwirth   
Utopianism in the Declaration of Independence and "Civil Disobidience"

Mariella Marie Kruger   
The World as a Work of Art: Relationship in the Novels of Virginia Woolf

Monika F Kurber  
Contested Definitions: Propaganda as Pejorative, Pervasive, and Violent

Karla Kolmerten Powell   
Reinterpreting Rhiannon: An Indigenous Perspective of a Welsh Text

Kelly Ann McLain   
Students' Perceptions of Interaction Across First-Year Composition Course Formats

William Bryan Swears   
Innate Storytelling: A Darwinian Consideration

Donald Carl Unger   
Anchoring Stories of Agency and Ambiguity: A Tactical Refiguring of the Graduate Student in Composition

2009 Graduates

Rebecca Anne Baker   
Musical Idenitications [i.e. identifications] and Cultural Associations: Tracking Pre-Existing Music in Wes Anderson's "The Royal Tenenbaums"

Derek Nathan La Shot   
"A God Dances Through Me": Judge Holden's Nietszchean Dance of War in Blood Meridian

Emily Dawn Menard   
Reinventing Approaches to Knowledge Sharing in Introductory Composition Courses

Jessie Marie Nixon   
Reading Beyond the Burqa: Dismantling Afghan Stereotypes Through the Texts of Khaled Hosseini and Yasmina Khadra

Theodore William Sery   
The Small Town and the Cage: Revisiting Sherwood Anderson's Fiction Through the Sociological Imagination

2008 Graduates

Erin Lynn Giberson  
Potentiality & Actuality in Kate Chopin's "An Egyptian Cigarette"

Sarah Diane Mouracade   
He's Dead Evidently: Atheistic Undertones in The Island of Doctor Moreau

Clare Louise Chesher   
Writing the Void: Life, Death, and Textuality in Mountaineering Narratives

Laura B Eidam   
Becoming Social: Prehistoric Humanity in The Island of Doctor Moreau and "A Story of the Stone Age"

Michael Sean Levshakoff   
Richard II, Chiasmus, and Identifications

Ryan Anthony Schowen   
Rethinking Composition: Aporia, Trace and the Promise of Cultural Studies

Erika Susan Veth   
Linking the Pastoral Elegy to the Epic Tradition in the Poetry of Tennyson and Milton

Cierra Paige Winkler  
Reenvisioning the Evolution of Gothic Fiction: From Victorian England to Puritan America

2007 Graduates

Mayumi Ito   
Japanese Tokko Soldiers and Their Jisei 

Sarena Maria Langston  
Ecocriticism and Bleak House

Trygve Rob Sandvik 
Contextual Understandings in the Asynchronous Online Environment: Writing Students' Responses to Online Tutoring

Olivia Lee Finch   
Women and Environment in Frankenstein

Ezra Michael Gibson  
Writing Music: Jazz in Twentieth-Century American Poetry

Charles Michael Gorman  
Robinson Crusoe: Identity Construction

Christopher Earl Gunderson   
Language, Faith, and Science: A Hunt For the Lucky Animal

Jackie R Hudspeth Jr   
If'n Y'all Kna'mean: Strategies for Tutoring American Dialects in the Writing Center

Andrea Shawn Powers   
Utopia and American Colonialism

Rachel Lois Sindorf   
Flying, Floundering, and Falling: Bird Imagery in Virginia Woolf's "Mrs. Dalloway" and Kate Chopin's "The Awakening"

2006 Graduates

Leah Noel Vandergriff   
Affect in the Composition Classroom

Catherine Melissa Bodry   
The Identity of Place: Frontier Ideology and the Pastoral Tradition in National and Regional Identity Constructions

Carrie Joy Setian  
Narrative unreliability and the real world : a realist view of poststructuralist narrative theory

Anna Magdalana Smith   
Myth and Narrative: Resistance and Redemption Via Narrative Elements and Counter-Myths in Sherman Alexie's Film Smoke Signals

Katherine Maria Wood  
Past the Summit: Metaphors and Environmental Ethics in Mountaineering Narratives

2005 Graduates

David Lawrence Armstrong  
De-simplifying the Holocaust: Representation and the Nazi Genocide in Contemporary Film

George Kris Cassity   
Narrating Transcendence: The Temporal Potentials of Arundhati Roy's The God of Small Things and Tom Tykwer's "Run Lola Run"

Lori Harris   
The Reception of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "Kubla Khan": Metacritical History

Joseph Jordan   
Authors(hip) Threatened, Authority Displaced: The Con/Texts of Reader Hegemony

Stewart Frank Mee   
Not Altogether A Fool: Shakespeare's Regard for the Common Folk

Emily Triplett Wilder   
States of Self: Utopianism in Nineteenth-Century Fictional Autobiography


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