Program Requirements

In general, the MA in English should follow the guidelines below, but graduation requirements for individual students are based upon each student's approved Graduate Studies Plan (GSP).

Core Courses (9 credits)

Complete the following three core courses

  • ENGL A602    Contemporary Literary Theory (3)
  • ENGL A689    Advanced Research and Professional Practices (3)
  • ENGL A699    Thesis (3)

Distribution Requirements

All courses are repeatable up to 6 credits with a change of subtitle:

  • ENGL A610    Studies in Literary Periods and Movements (3)
  • ENGL A611    Studies in Genre (3)
  • ENGL A612    Studies in English Linguistics (3)
  • ENGL A613    Studies in Rhetoric and Composition (3)

Elective Courses*

Elective courses may include, with the approval of the committee chair:

  • All 600-level ENGL courses, including courses that count for distribution requirements with change of subtitle
  • Up to 9 credits of 400-level ENGL courses
  • Up to 6 credits of approved coursework outside the department

*TAs are required to take ENGL A683 Composition Theory and Pedagogy

A minimum of 36 credits is required for the degree.

All courses are repeatable up to 6 credits with a change of subtitle.
A tentative course rotation schedule is available from the English Department.

Please note that program requirements are subject to change. This information is accurate as of 11/2/15 and is taken from the 2015-2016 academic catalog. Please confirm accuracy as needed via the online catalog.