Welcome to First Year Composition

First-Year Composition at UAA consists of ENGL A111 and one or more of four 200-level courses that satisfy the university's General Education Requirement in Written Communication Skills. (You can see the full list of General Education Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees in the UAA Catalog.)

The university has established GER student outcomes for written communication skills GER courses

Written communication courses emphasize that writing is a recursive and frequently collaborative process of invention, drafting, and revising as well as a primary element of active learning in literate cultures. Students practice methods for establishing credibility, reasoning critically, and appealing to the emotions and values of their audience. They write for a variety of purposes and audiences by employing methods of rhetorical and cultural analysis. They develop the tools to read, think, and write analytically about print and non-print texts and to generate texts that engage their own perceptions while synthesizing the ideas of texts and scholars. Students demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively by selecting form and content that fits the situation; adhering to genre conventions; adapting their voice, tone, and level of formality to that situation; and controlling stylistic features such as sentence variety, grammar, usage, punctuation, and spelling.

To fulfill the university's General Education Requirement, students must complete the requirements for:

ENGL A111 - Written Communication
Required for all baccalaureate degrees, English 111 provides instruction in responding to academic writing situations. Students learn rhetorical knowledge (e.g., how to write for a purpose and an audience, how to adopt an appropriate voice, tone, and level of formality); they engage in critical thinking, reading, and writing; they learn about processes and technologies available for producing texts; and they refine knowledge of academic conventions, including documentation, research writing, and Standard Written English.

If a student has earned 30+ on the ACT English test or 620+ on the SAT 1 Writing test, ENGL 111 is waived as a prerequisite to higher-level composition courses. With the appropriate score, a student may enroll directly in ENGL A211, A212, A213 or A214. A student choosing this option is required to choose an additional three credits from the General Education Requirements (GER) Written Communications Skills list, for a total of six credits. Contact the English Department (786-4355) for questions on test scoring.

And choose one or more of the following courses:

ENGL A211 - Academic Writing About Literature
Instruction in writing based on close analysis of literature using current critical strategies, i.e. deconstruction, feminist criticism, psychological criticism, etcetera. Develops knowledge of conventions in literature.

ENGL A212 - Technical Writing
Instruction in writing and designing documents that provide information to be used safely, effectively, and efficiently. Develops knowledge of conventions in professional and technical writing.

ENGL A213 - Writing in the Social and Natural Sciences
Instruction in writing based on close analysis of readings in the social and natural sciences. Develops knowledge of conventions in the social and natural sciences.

ENGL A214 - Persuasive Writing
Instruction in writing based on theories of argument. Develops knowledge of rhetorical conventions through analyzing and constructing arguments for a variety of contexts.

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