Carbon in Water

Total and dissolved carbon species are measured using total combustion at 680ºC and IR detector.

Total carbon (TC): unfiltered sample directly injected to oven.

Total organic carbon (TOC): unfiltered sample is acidified to remove inorganic carbon prior to injection.

Total inorganic carbon (TIC): is the difference between TC and TOC.

For dissolved organic carbon samples are filtered using carbon free 0.45μm Millipore® filters.

Multi level calibration curve (0, 2.5, 5, 10, or 0, 10 25, 50, 100) is used for quantification. Quality control samples and control blanks are run every 5th to 10th sample.

Samples should be collected without head space in amber glass bottles and stored at 4 C. If only organic carbon is of interest sample can be acidified with phosphoric acid to pH 2 to avoid bacterial break down.

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