The following table gives cost estimates for various analyses.  This list does not include all analyses possible in the ASET lab and prices may change due to special matrixes amount of samples ect.

For updated price information and further questions about student training or method development please contact Birgit Hagedorn

      per sample cost
Analysis Description Instrument UA **) outside **)
Metals EPA 200.8 ICP MS $45.00 $65.00
Metals single element ICP MS $15.00 $22.00
Metals tissue, soil, with extraction microwave, ICP MS $70.00 $100.00
Metals tissue, soil, sediment, plants, bones with extraction mod blog, ICP MS $80.00 $120.00
Metals rock, sediment full rock digest (HF) microwave, ICP MS $85.00 $125.00
Anion (F, Cl, SO4, NO2, NO3, Br, PO4) water EPA IC $20.00 $30.00
Perchlorate water IC $15.00 $22.00
Perchlorate tissue, soil extract IC $35.00 $50.00
Perchlorate low (<1ppb) low conductivity water LC MS/MS $45.00 $65.00
TOC water > 0.5 ppm TOC VH $5.00 $8.00
TOC water 0.05 to 1 ppm TOC high sensitivity $8.00 $12.00
TN water > 0.1 ppm TOC VHN $8.00 $12.00
FAME tissue analysis only GC FID $45.00 $55.00
FAME tissue with extraction ASE, Turbovap GC FID $65.00 $85.00
BTEXin air monitor analysis and extraction GC FID $45.00 $60.00
Fuel PIANO (100 compounds) GC FID $65.00 $80.00
PCBs tissue compund specific and Aroclor GC ECD $45.00 $65.00
Pesticides Chlorinated in tissue GC ECD, GC MS $65.00 $95.00
Herbicides Glyphosate, AMPH in water LC MS/MS $55.00 $80.00
Pharmaceuticals in water LC MS/MS $65.00 $95.00
Corrosion inhibitor Triazoles in water, soil LC MS/MS $65.00 $95.00
Phthalates in tissue, water LC MS/MS $85.00 $125.00
Protein characterization purified sample LC IonTrap $55.00 $75.00
Training on instruments price per hour all Instruments $180.00  
Instrument use price per hour ICP MS $100.00  
  price per hour IC $35.00  
  price per hour TOC/ high sensitivity/N $15/ 20/15  
  price per hour GC FID $45.00  
  price per hour GC MS $55.00  
  price per hour LC MS/MS $150.00  
**) Analysis prices include calibration and QC samples. QC includes CCV, CCB and verification with NIST certified Standard
***) Time for QC, calibration and instrument equilibration is part of analysis time

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