Researcher from UAA were awarded a NSF grant (#0813850, Chemistry Division) for a new High Performance Liquid Chromatograph coupled to a Triple Quadrupole and Ion Trap and is hosted in the ASET laboratory.

The instruments will be used in current and new research projects.. They will give students the opportunity to get hands-on experiences with these state-of-the-art instruments and enhance research capabilities in Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, and Geosciences. The instruments are also used in the "instrumental chemistry".

New Equipment

Students Working on the LC MS/MS

Currently the Instruments have been used in a number of faculty and undergraduate research measuring phthalates, pharmaceuticals, herbicides, and phospholipids in Alaska’s environment.


The Lab received two Agilent Gas Chromatographs: 6850 series II (FID) and 6890 with 5873 MS as a donation from the Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory of the Department of Public Safety. Both GCs are used for research from faculty and students and in chemistry and biology classes.