aset labASET’s mission is to have multidisciplinary analytical capability among Biologists, Chemists, Engineers, Biogeochemists, and Environmental Scientists and to support analytical research in these disciplines.

ASET provides:

  • A number of established analytical methods for each instrument.
  • Development of new methods on existing equipment.
  • Individual training of  USERS outside of UAA.
  • Help with evaluation of analytical procedures and development of an analytical budget plan for new proposals.

The ASET lab is available for the University of Alaska, other universities, government agencies, and private organizations.

ASET facilities are subject to these basic rules:

  1. ASET needs to recover costs associated with use of the lab.
  2. Only qualified faculty and students are allowed to run instruments, to ensure that equipment remains functional. Students at the  UAA campus are strongly recommended  to attend the class: "Instrumental Chemistry" held by Professor John Kennish (Chemistry Department). Other ASET users will be trained by the ASET personnel before using the laboratory equipment.
  3. Development of new analytical methods in ASET requires preparation of a SAFETY OPERATION PROCEDURE for chemicals and equipment used for this specific method. The SOP has to be submitted to Trig Trigiano ( director of Environmental health & Safety and Risk Management support . A template can be found here SOP .
  4.  For information about chemicals and safety operation procedure at UAA please read the Chemical Hygene Plan CHP .
  5. All lab users have a collaborative attitude towards research in the lab, and keep the lab clean and organized.

To request working with ASET, please send an email to:

Birgit Hagedorn
Benjamine Applegate

Give us your name, phone number, organization or department, and a brief project description

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