Dr. Loren Buck

Dr. Loren Buck

Associate Professor
Biological Sciences
907.786.1367 voice
907.786.4607 fax

Research Interests

Dr. Loren Buck conducts research on the physiological ecology of high-latitude vertebrates. Buck's research group is interested in elucidating impacts of changing environmental conditions on the behavior and physiology (reproductive, metabolic, stress) of both marine and terrestrial organisms.

Current Projects

Research projects in Buck's laboratory address the mechanistic linkages whereby fluctuations in the environment impact the physiology and ultimate fitness of the individual. Although focused on the individual, these data allow for extrapolation to the population. Potential REU student projects could easily link into ongoing research focused on organismal physiology of Arctic ground squirrels and stickleback fish. Projects would likely incorporate a combination of field and laboratory approaches.  Projects investigating hibernation in Arctic ground squirrels will primarily be conducted from NSF's Toolik Lake Field Station on Alaska's North Slope.