Matt Carlson

Dr. Matt Carlson

Assistant Professor
Biological Sciences
EBL 116
907.786.1327 voice
907.786.1314 fax


Program Botanist
Alaska Natural Heritage Program (AKNHP)
707 A Street
Anchorage, Alaska 99501
907.257.2790 voice

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Research Interests and Current Projects

Dr. Matt Carlson's research focuses on the following areas:  plant conservation biology; evolutionary ecology (mating system and floral trait evolution) in Parrya, Primula, Mimulus and Dalechampia; plant reproductive ecology; and ecological and evolutionary links with rarity.  Specific research projects include the following:

  • Alaskan pollinators: are they abandoning native berries for exotic clover?
  • Flower color evolution in the Arctic: integrating ecological and genomic research with undergraduate education
  • Impacts of the non-native, nitrogen-fixing Melilotus alba on soil ecology, and the effects of shade and soil nitrogen on forage quality of willows
  • Rare plant inventory of the Delta Wild and Scenic River - Tangle Lakes

Plant Conservation Activities

As Program Botanist for the Alaska Natural Heritage Program (NatureServe member), Carlson directs the maintenance, development, and delivery of rare vascular plant and non-native vascular plant data for Alaska.  Carlson collaborates on these conservation activities with other AKNHP botanists and database managers and with state and federal agencies (see Alaska Natural Heritage Program Botany Program).  AKNHP's Botany Program's current activities include:

  • Development of a rare Alaskan lichen module and state rarity ranks for lichens
  • Revision of state ranks for rare vascular plants
  • Ongoing uploads of spatial non-native plant data
  • Development of an on-line data portal to facilitate data serving capacities