Dr. Ian van Tets

Dr. Ian van Tets

Associate Professor Biological Sciences
Office: CPISB 202 B
Lab: CPISB 221 B
907.786.4705 voice
907.786.4607 fax

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Research Interests
Ian moved to Alaska in 2002, after completing a prestigious post-doctoral fellowship at the Jacob Blaustein Institute for Desert Research. Originally from Australia, Ian has always been interested in the mechanisms that small birds and mammals use to overcome the challenges of difficult environments. He studied questions of this sort in Australia, South Africa, Belgium, and Israel before moving here. In Alaska, the question of how small, warm-blooded mammals survive and reproduce during the Alaska winter fascinates him. His search for lemmings in the frozen tundra, and voles beneath deep layers of snow, has given him a unique appreciation of Alaska's winter wonderland.

With the help of WWAMI, Alaska's medical school, and the University of Alaska Anchorage Psychology Department, Ian has expanded his research interests to also include human physiology. Ian's human physiology research focus is a study on the link between alcohol use and diabetes. He provides additional service to WWAMI by coordinating the pathways programs that it uses to help Alaskan students from under-served backgrounds develop careers in the medical and health professions.

Current Projects
Affect of season on the physiology and foraging behavior of lemmings and voles

Affect of season on the physiology and foraging behavior of ruffed grouse in Alaska

Practicality of Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry for studies of body condition in small mammals

Practicality of Fatty Acid Signature Analysis for studies of diet and foraging behavior in seabirds