Facilities & Campus Services

Facilities & Campus Services personnel at UAA fulfill the roles of grounds keeping, building maintenance, custodial, safety and construction as well as space management and plans archiving/GIS.  We are the primary interface between campus facilities users and those facilities/facilities operators.


Planning & Construction

Leads UAA Planning, Design and Construction Project Management, Space Management and Small Projects staff.  Manages the Planning, development and execution of the capital projects for Anchorage and the Community campuses (Mat-Su, PWS, KPC, Kodiak).  Uses AE support for master planning, design and construction document development.  Has a small jobs contractor on contract for immediate delivery of construction services.  Manages the University's space and facilities data.


Maintenance & Operations

Provides Work Management, Building, Electrical, Mechanical and Custodial maintenance services for the Anchorage Campus.  Also provides Grounds,  Horticultural, Fleet Maintenance and Transportation Services for the Anchorage Campus.


Environmental Health & Safety and Risk Management Support

The purpose of UAA's Environmental Health & Safety and Risk Management Support program is to advocate and champion sound environmental, occupational, employment, and other business practices in order to safeguard the valuable human, property, program, and financial resources of UAA.