Electrical Department

CONTACT PHONE NUMBER - (907)786-6985

The UAA Electrical Department is responsible for a variety of tasks in the repair, maintenance, troubleshooting, modification, installation and construction of electrical systems.  This includes, but is not limited to, high voltage distribution, power generation, building distribution systems such as lighting systems, motor control circuits, and building equipment control wiring.  Our Electricians also provide NICET level code compliance with regards to fire, sprinkler, and security alarm systems.  They also provide maintenance, repair, and installation of mechanical and food service equipment.  In case UAA loses conventional power, emergency generator power is provided.  Additionally, they oversee safe operation of our elevator systems.

The Electrical Department has also been very proactive in reducing our electrical consumption by installing variable frequency drives (VFDs),  upgrading lighting systems to more energy efficient lighting, and rewiring outdoor and indoor lights to allow reduced operations during evening set back schedules.  Please contact us if you have any electrical needs.