Maintenance Department

The Maintenance Department includes the following areas:


The Carpentry Shop constructs, repairs and maintains the interior and exterior structures on campus: i.e. floors, walls, ceilings, and roofs. In addition, the department builds custom furniture such as desks, tables, shelving, and steel fabrication fixtures. The carpenters also actively participate in remodeling and upgrading spaces. Additionally, this department will assist setting up booths or displays, as well as assisting other maintenance departments in their tasks by building scaffolding and ramps. This department is also responsible for routine preventative maintenance tasks. If it's a door, window, ceiling, wall, floor, furniture, cabinets, or anything in-between, this is the department to contact.


The Lock Shop is responsible for maintenance of over 3000 doors and related door hardware, safes, file cabinets, desk locks, and handicap access doors. A computerized key system is maintained and all keys and locks are coded for building occupant safety. Look for us to begin conversion to a new electronic lock system. This system will ultimately allow us to eliminate keys by using a card access system. Look for the prototype to be installed in the Gordan Hartlieb Hall.


The Paint Shop is responsible for all interior and exterior painting surfaces. Hallways and restrooms receive the highest priority for painting due to their high usage, vandalism, and graffiti. Classrooms and offices are painted on an as-needed basis. High-frequency and common areas such as: hallways, restrooms, lobbies, and corridors are painted every seven years or as-needed. All areas are painted on a scheduled basis. Inspections determine the frequency of painting in high frequency areas. If you notice areas that are in need of painting or have questions, please contact us.


The UAA Electrical Department is responsible for a variety of tasks in the repair, maintenance, troubleshooting, modification, installation and construction of electrical systems.  This includes, but is not limited to, high voltage distribution, power generation, building distribution systems such as lighting systems, motor control circuits, and building equipment control wiring.  Our Electricians also provide NICET level code compliance with regards to fire, sprinkler, and security alarm systems.  They also provide maintenance, repair, and installation of mechanical and food service equipment.  In case UAA loses conventional power, emergency generator power is provided.  Additionally, they oversee safe operation of our elevator systems.

The Electrical Department has also been very proactive in reducing our electrical consumption by installing variable frequency drives (VFDs),  upgrading lighting systems to more energy efficient lighting, and rewiring outdoor and indoor lights to allow reduced operations during evening set back schedules.  Please contact us if you have any electrical needs.


The Mechanical Maintenance Department is comprised of five HVAC Technicians and four Plumbers.  They perform a variety of tasks in the repair, maintenance, overhaul, modification, installation, and construction of complex HVAC and Plumbing systems.  They are responsible for the safe and proper operation of all plumbing, heating, ventilation, and aquifer cooling systems in accordance with current codes, standards, statues, and/or building design requirements.

The Mechanical Maintenance Department is committed to providing service that is prompt, efficient, professional, and reliable.


As part of our ongoing efforts to conserve energy, the Facilities Maintenance Department has been rewiring lot lights, installing variable frequency drives, replacing electric hot water heaters with heat exchangers, calibrating thermostats, tuning boilers, installing electrical switching panels, converting to more energy efficient lighting, replacing pneumatic controls with digital and adjusting fan setback schedules.

Thanks for helping us to reduce energy usage. Each year we spend approximately 6 million dollars on utilities. With utility rates rising, conservation measures are imperative. Everyone's participation in energy conservation measures helps us to provide a safe, healthy, attractive, comfortable, and energy efficient environment for all campus users. So please, turn off those lights and computers when not in use. HELP US CONSERVE ENERGY! 


The function of the Property/Inventory/Warehouse Program is to effectively administer a supply and inventory control program to receive, store and distribute parts, materials, supplies, and equipment to the various Facilities Maintenance and Operations Departments.  The objective is to monitor the status and effectiveness of material support by identifying, analyzing, and controlling appropriate stock selection and procurement methods. This department is also responsible for managing Warehousing for the entire campus, which includes generating revenue. This Department provides maintenance worker support to other Shops or self-performs work requests.