Pickup & Return Procedures

Picking Up Vehicles

The following is necessary to pick up a vehicle:

  • Valid drivers license
  • Expired licenses will not be accepted

Vehicles are presumed to be in good condition when released by the Transportation Office. However, operators should examine the vehicle prior to use and report any visible body damage to the Transportation Office.

In addition to inspecting the vehicle for body damage, the operator should also ensure that lights, turn signals, windshield wipers, etc. are in working order and emergency equipment such as flares are provided.

Parking University Vehicles on Campus

University vehicles may be parked in designated areas on campus without purchasing a UAA parking permit (see the exception under "operating costs not covered by the rental fee" Rental Rates, Terms and Conditions). However, there are areas on campus where parking may result in a citation, these areas include:

  • Areas with official signs prohibiting parking
  • Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
  • In fire lanes
  • Wheelchair and disability lots and spaces
  • Spaces specifically designated for other departments
  • "Reserved" spaces
  • Loading zones for over the posted time period
  • In front of any gate, ramp, or other area parking would block access. In these situations the vehicle may be towed.
  • If you are unsure where to park a University vehicle contact the Parking Services Office 786-1119

Parking University Vehicles Off campus

  • University vehicles are not exempt from parking fees at parking lots or meters
  • Operators are personally responsible for parking violations and towing and/or storage resulting from parking violations

Parking a Personal Vehicle at Fleet Services

A privately owned vehicle may be parked in the North Lot while renting a University vehicle. A UAA parking decal or temporary parking permit will be issued upon request by the Parking Office on the day the vehicle is checked out. Personal vehicles may not park in spaces reserved for Physical Plant/Vehicle Pool Vehicles.

Returning During Operating Hours

Vehicles may be returned between 7:00AM and 3:00PM Monday through Friday. Prior to returning the keys to the Transportation Office the vehicle must be parked in the North Lot on the north-side of the GHH building.

Returning After Operating Hours

The vehicle must be parked in the North Lot on the north-side of the GHH building. The key locked in the vehicle and confirm all doors are secured.

Late Return Penalties

Operators are requested to return vehicles promptly. When circumstances necessitate a change in the time of return, the Transportation Office should be notified before the originally scheduled return date. Failure to return a vehicle as agreed will result in a penalty of the daily rate until the vehicle is returned.

Returning a Long-term/Permanently Assigned Vehicle

Departments leasing a vehicle for an indefinite time period should notify the Transportation Office as the intended return date is known.

Daily Rental Vehicles

Each daily rental vehicle comes with a full tank of fuel. In the Anchorage area, obtain all necessary vehicles services from the Vehicle and Equipment Repair Shop. Outside the Anchorage area obtain permission from the Vehicle and Equipment Repair Shop for any repairs and keep all receipts from the repair shop.