Rental Rates, Terms & Conditions

Rental Vehicles & Charter Rates.

The Transportation Department is a self-sustaining organization and rental rates are set at a level that assures recovery of the cost of doing business.

  • Rates are based on the cost to operate/maintain/replace the vehicles but less than the average local commercial daily rates.
  • Hourly rates are 1/3 of a daily rate.
  • Weekly rates are based on 5 day rental rates (up to 7 consecutive days).
  • Vehicles are full of fuel and clean when they are picked up and users are charged for any refueling or excessive cleaning required. Damage beyond fair wear and tear will be charged to the renting department.
  • Charter bus with licensed CDL drivers are billed per hour with a two hour minimum per chartered vehicle.

Vehicle Type

Hourly Rate

Daily Rate

Weekly Rate

2-Person Cargo Van




11-Passenger Van




7-Passenger Van




4x4 F250 Pickup




Chartered Shuttles*

$65 (2 hr minimum)



* pricing includes a licensed CDL driver

Fee Calculation and Billing

Rental fees are charged to the account number designated by the requesting department. Rental fees are based on the chart above.

Daily rental charges are calculated from 7:00AM until 7:00AM the next morning, regardless of the time the vehicle was checked out. 

Long-term/permanently assigned rentals are charged monthly or quarterly.

Operating Costs Covered by the Transportation

The following costs are covered by the vehicle rental fee:

  • Emergency purchases such as tires and batteries
  • Towing and repair charges resulting from a mechanical breakdown

Regular maintenance services will be performed at the Vehicle and Equipment Repair Shop on all University-owned vehicles, regardless of whether they are short or long-term rentals.

Operating Costs Not Covered by the Rental Fee

  • Fuel
  • Special parking fees
  • Traffic or parking fines, including penalties for late payments
  • Vehicle damage resulting from negligence and/or off-road use of a vehicle
  • Cleaning services for unusually dirty vehicles

Off-Road and Gravel Roads use

Travel on trails, non-paved and /or gravel roads, such as the Dalton Highway (Haul Rd), the Denali Highway, the Taylor Highway, the Elliott Highway and the McCarthy Highway must be pre-arranged. Daily rentals will be charged $1.15 per mile, or the daily rate, whichever is higher. Only select AWD or 4x4 vehicles are allowed off-road.


If an operator need to purchase service for repairs from a source other than the Vehicle and Equipment Repair Shop, the operator should:

  1. Obtain permission from the Vehicle and Equipment Repair Shop for any repairs.
  2. If personal funds are used, verify that the services rendered are covered by the rental fee agreement and record the vehicle license number and vehicle number on all receipts (reimbursement will be in the form of credit toward the rental price).
  3. Bring the original receipts to the Motor Pool Office for verification of charges and rental dates.
  • Original receipts must be legible, have the vendors name, date and description of the products and services purchased, and the monetary amount paid.
  • Credit card receipts that are not complete may be returned.
  • Include the vehicle number on all receipts.


Charters may be cancelled the day of the event.  If the driver(s) has already arrived as scheduled, the 2-hour minimum billing will be incurred.  If the driver(s) has not arrived, the Charter will be cancelled at no charge.

Motorpool/Rental Vehicle may be cancelled up until the time of pick-up without incurring any charges.

Billing Inquiries

The Transportation Office 786-6935 or Work Management 786-6980 should be contacted regarding any billing discrepancies.

It is helpful to have the following information when contacting the office:

  • Work order Number
  • Vehicle number