Hours of Operation - SPRING 2016

January 11th thru May 29th, 2016
Mondays - Thursdays 7:45AM - 8:55PM
Fridays 7:45AM - 4:23PM

REMEMBER:  Shuttle services are available on days when classes are being held.  If the campus is closed for any reason (non-class days, inclement weather), shuttles do not operate.  Currently shuttles operate only during the hours shown above.  Each route schedule is posted at the shuttle stops or you can open the links below to view route times.


Helpful Hint! Times on schedules are when the shuttle departs from a stop.


Click the Timetable links to see the entire service schedule for each route.
Using a schedule outlined by the Aviation Technology Division, shuttle service is provided from Commons and BKS to AVI at four distinct times each day. When riders return from AVI the shuttle will stop at RH only.  Riders can then make connections from RH to Commons and other campus stops by boarding the West Campus or Day Loop shuttles.  The UC shuttle connection can be made by walking to the BKS stop. 
M, T, W, R
Day Campus Loop provides a 30-minute service interval between East and West campus.  Stops are made at the PSB, RH, HSB, SSB, ARTS, ADM, ISB and AAC buildings.  This shuttle does not stop at the Commons.  This shuttle will make flag-stops at the North parking lot if needed.
M, T, W, R
Taking riders to/from Commons on a 20-minute interval, this shuttle provides quick access to all EAST campus stops.  Stops include SSB, ARTS, ADM and ISB.
Taking riders to/from Commons on a 20-minute interval this shuttle provides quick access to all WEST campus stops. Stops include HSB, PSB, RH and EIB.
Commons Express provides riders express service from Commons to ISB (east campus) and BKS (west campus) stops.  The service runs on 15 minute intervals.
M, T, W, R
Taking riders to/from the University Center this shuttle provides riders with access to East campus by stopping at ADM, and West Campus by stopping at BKS.  The shuttle runs in a 30-minute interval.  Between 1:00PM and 6:30PM there are two shuttles in operation offering riders a 15-minute interval to/from the University Center.
Friday shuttle service provides riders with service to/from Commons, reaching East Campus (ISB), West Campus (BKS) and the University Center.
How can I make shuttle connections?  The stop legend below shows every route that stops at each building.  Click the corresponding timetable for pick up times - or use WolfTracks!
 Shuttle Stop Legend

Where's the next shuttle?                                                          Use our APPS or TEXT for real-time info!


This UAA shuttle tracker shows real-time location information for each shuttle. It even provides riders with details on when the next shuttle  will arrive at your stop. WolfTracks updates every 5-seconds and can be viewed on a smart phone or computer.

Click the following links to download the WolfTracks - Ride System app for iPhone or Android.

Click here for tutorial on how to use the app.

REMEMBER:  Check the shuttle schedules to confirm actual route connections. Sometimes buses are rotating out-of-service and may only be drop off riders at your stop.

UAA Mobile App

You can also use the UAA Mobile App for quick access to WolfTracks and other UAA links.

Click the following links to download the UAA Mobile App for iPhone or Android.

TEXT 41411

Another way to find out when the next shuttle is arriving @ your stop... TEXT 41411using the corresponding TEXT ID listed below.  The reply includes route information for the next arriving shuttle. 

Alaska Airlines Center - AAC
AS157 // #28
uaashuttle 1
Administration/Humanities Bldg - ADM
AS125 // #27
uaashuttle 2
Fine Arts Bldg - ART
AS127 // #26
uaashuttle 3
Aviation Technology Complex - AVI
uaashuttle 4
Bookstore - BKS
AS118 // #12
uaashuttle 5
Commons - CMMNS
AS141 // #33
uaashuttle 6
ConocoPhilips Integrated Science Bldg - CPISB
AS154 // #23
uaashuttle 7
Engineering & Industry Bldg - EIB
uaashuttle 8
Health Sciences Bldg - HSB
AS156 // #15
uaashuttle 9
North Parking Lot - NL
uaashuttle 10
Professional Studies Bldg - PSB
AS111 // #1
uaashuttle 11
Rasmuson Hall - RH
AS105 // #9
uaashuttle 12
Social Sciences Building - SSB
AS123 // #21
uaashuttle 13
University Center - UC
uaashuttle 14

Extra Info...

Advertising on the Seawolf Shuttle

Did you know on an average week we transport about 5,200 UAA riders? What a GREAT place to advertise! Even better...student organizations receive discounted pricing.

Click here for our ad rate sheet.

Lost & Found

Left an item on the bus?  Here are a few steps that should help you find your lost item.
First - Contact the driver.  Often, the driver still has a found item in his/her posession.
Next - Go to the Commons front desk.  Many general items (including cell phones) are turned over to Commons for easy student pick-up.
Or - Go to UPD.  Many personal items (id's, wallets or purses) are delivered to UPD for safekeeping.
Last, but not least - Please call the Transportation Office @ 907-786-6935 or stop by GHH Room #122, and we can radio the driver to see if they have found your item.

Found an item on the bus?  Best bet is to give it to the driver.  Your fellow riders usually check back with the driver when they realize they've left something behind.

Comments?  Suggestions?  Concerns?

Please let me know... Heather Pawlak, hlpawlak@uaa.alaska.edu