Guide to Using VA Education Benefits at UAA for New Students

1. Complete the VONAPP to activate your educational benefits with the VA.

2. Apply for admission to the University of Alaska Anchorage to be a degree seeking student.

  • The VA requires that students actively pursue a degree to utilize VA educational benefits. 
  • You can use your VA benefits for no more than two semesters before completing your admission status and becoming formally admitted into the program.

3. Register for classes using UAOnline

  • Remember, only the courses that are applicable to your degree program can be certified for VA benefits. 
  • It is highly suggested that you work with an academic advisor and refer to Degree Works to confirm that courses are applicable to your degree program.

4. Complete the VA Educational Benefits Certification Request Form

  • Please do not submit this form until you have completed your registration.

5. Submit required transcripts for admissions to include your military transcripts.

6. Submit a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility from the VA

  • You will be certified without this form. However, it will remain a requirement until it is received.

7. Maximize all sources of funding by completing:

8. Check your preferred and UAA email addresses frequently. 

  • Confirmation of certifications, issues with course certifications, newsletters and other important, time sensitive information will be sent to your preferred and UAA email addresses only.

9. Contact information: