In 2012, The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has selected the UAA Anchorage campus as one of only 11 universities in the U.S. to participate in the nationally recognized VETSuccess on Campus program. For more information on VETSuccess on Campus, go to the UAA Military & Veteran Community Resources website: .

UAA's VA School Certifying Officials are dedicated to providing the highest quality and comprehensive financial support to student veterans and their families using VA educational benefits. Our goal is to support access to funds that will increase the admissions, retention and graduation rates of veterans.



  • Please follow the step by step guidelines provided on the links on the left hand side of this page to request your VA Educational Benefits at UAA.
  • Take a proactive approach in planning your courses. Meet with your academic advisor or utilize the online degree audit, DegreeWorks, located in your UAOnline account to review courses required for your degree. We cannot certify courses that do not apply towards your certificate and/or degree.
  • Are you ready to register for courses? It is highly important that you are aware of all registration deadlines:

  • You will need to request certification of your courses after you have finalized your registration each term.
  • Report of Change Reminder- If you make changes to your schedule after you have received confirmation by email from the VA that your certification has been submitted; please submit the VA Report of Change form
  • Summer 2015 Rate of Pursuit Guide

    First 5-Week
    Second 5-Week

    Classes Held

    May 18 - Aug 1 May 18 - June 22 June 25 - Aug 1

    Undergraduate rates

    Full Time: 8 credits
    ¾ Time: 6 credits
    Full Time: 4 credits
    ¾ Time: 3 credits
    Full Time: 4 credits
    ¾ Time: 3 credits

    Special Exception

    Undergraduates Only: Students may take a 3 credit class in each of the three terms above and be considered full time rate of pursuit: 9 credits

    Graduate rates

    Full Time: 6 credits Full Time: 3 credits Full Time: 3 credits
  • CHAPTER 33 IMPORTANT SUMMER 2015 NOTE: In order to be eligible to receive the full Alaska BAH rate of $2,160* per month students must be taking a course in the traditional classroom setting the entire time class is in session. Examples would include registering for a traditional setting course in both 5-Week sessions (May 18 - June 22 & June 25 - Aug 1) or registering for a traditional setting course in the 10-Week session (May 18 - Aug 1). For more information regarding benefits for all online courses please see our Chapter 33 Benefits.

*Subject to change: Strictly tied to Department of Defense (DoD) BAH calculator.

**Late fees will not be reversed for certification requests submitted after the payment deadline**

Questions regarding your benefits?

Here is a great resource to help understand the different types of VA educational benefits.

You can also contact UAA's own VetSucess Center:

Boot Camp  


Using Post 9-11/ Chapter 33 benefits: Certification and Federal Aid Disbursement Process Reminders

For Chapter 33 recipients, UAA submits two certifications to the VA each term. An initial certification is submitted to notify the VA of term dates and credit hours to kick start your BAH and book stipend benefits and a final certification is submitted after the add/drop deadline to report tuition and fee amounts for certified courses. This is to avoid large overpayments or underpayments made to UAA if changes to students' schedules are done during add/drop period.

Tuition and fees will appear as an outstanding balance on your student account until payment for certified courses is received but most Chapter 33 students' accounts are flagged for deferment so that no late fees are assessed to tuition and fee balances pending VA payment.

Note: Chapter 33 recipients who have been rated at less than 100% eligibility, who are taking course work inapplicable to degree plan, or who have charges on their accounts that will not be paid by the VA (book store charges, parking permits, housing and meal plans, etc.) are required to make payment by the payment deadline to avoid a late fee.

Students who receive federal financial aid may receive multiple refunds each semester. Students whose federal financial aid exceed their bill may receive a refund prior to the add/drop deadline. After the add/drop deadline, when we submit your final certification, accounting services will refund financial aid based on the anticipated amount we expect from the VA. UAA will use your federal aid refunds for charges that will not be paid by the VA, to the extent allowable under law. As a result of the refund, a balance due will appear on your student account equal to the pending VA payment.

VA Workstudy Opportunity Available in the Student Financial Assistance Office

Anyone interested in working as a VA Work Study, please submit a cover letter and resume to the UAA Office of Veteran Financial Assistance. You may fax it to 907.786.6122, email it to us at or drop off a hard copy at the University Center. These positions are very flexible with your course schedule and a great opportunity to help fellow veterans receive their benefits. To be eligible you must be attending at least at ¾ time and currently using VA education benefits.

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E)

Terry Jackson is UAA's VetSuccess on Campus Counselor and is currently the case manager for all students in the VR&E program. Terry is located on campus in the Student Union. To schedule an appointment with Terry, call (907) 786-1299 or email .