Current Projects - Calendar Year 2016

The following Capital Projects are currently being administered by FP&C Project Managers. Although many other projects are currently in progress, this listing is limited to those over $500,000 on the Anchorage Campus, and over $250,000 on the Community College Campuses.

Project: UAA Engineering Instructional Laboratory Building
A/E: Livingston Slone, Inc.
CMAR: Neeser Construction, Inc.
Project Manager: John Hanson
Project: KPC Soil Remediation
A/E: Shannon & Wilson
Project Manager: Summer Sauve
Project: KPC Student Housing 
A/E: Bettisworth North Architects
Construction Contractor: 
Project Manager: Howie Morse 
Project: KPC Brockel Building Renewal
A/E: Architects Alaska, AMC Engineers
Construction Contractor: Steiner's North Star
Project Manager: Summer Sauve
Project: KPC MAPTS Fire Training Ground Water Contamination
A/E: Shannon & Wilson
Construction Contractor:
Project Manager:

Project: UAA Bookstore Renovation
A/E: McCool Carlson and Green
Construction Contractor: F & W Construction Co., Inc.
Project Manager: Patricia Baum