FP&C Staff

John R. Faunce
Office:  907.786.4912
Cell:  907.360.6722
Email:  jfaunce@uaa.alaska.edu
Patricia Baum
Project Manager
Office:  907.786.4918
Cell:  907.229.6696
Email:  pbgarcia@uaa.alaska.edu
Sandra Blum
Fiscal Manager
Office:  907.786.4905
Email:  smblum@uaa.alaska.edu

Ben Davies
Assistant Project Manager
Office:  907.786.4523
Cell:  907.887.9400
Email:  sbdavies@uaa.alaska.edu
Cory Fischer
Assistant Project Manager
Office:  907.786.6763
Cell:  907.952.5148
Email:  cjfischer@uaa.alaska.edu
John L. Hanson
Senior Project Manager
Office:  907.786.4913
Cell:  907.240.1094
Email:  jlhanson@uaa.alaska.edu
Eric Lopez
Contract Administrator
Office:  907.786.4919
Cell:  907.632.8009
Email:  erlopez@uaa.alaska.edu
Lonnie Mansell
Facilities Planner
Office:  907.786.4902
Cell:  907.715.4464
Email:  lmansell@uaa.alaska.edu

Bob Maxwell
CAD Technician

Office:  907.786.4914
Email:  rdmaxwelljr@uaa.alaska.edu

Chris McConnell
Assistant Project Manager
Office:  907.786.6764
Cell:  907.301.2031
Email:  ccmcconnell@uaa.alaska.edu
Howard Morse
Project Manager
Office:  907.786.1275
Cell:  907.748.2462
Email:  hjmorse@uaa.alaska.edu
Kristin Reynolds
Project Manager
Office:  907.786.4904
Cell:  907.632.6643
Email:  kreynolds@uaa.alaska.edu
Jenny Roe
Administrative Assistant
Office:  907.786.4916

Kim T. Ronning
Office Manager
Office:  907.786.4906
Email:  ktronning@uaa.alaska.edu

Summer Sauve
Project Manager
Office:  907.786.4915
Cell:  907.244.6657
Email:  smsauve@uaa.alaska.edu
Stan Vanover
Senior Project Manager
Office:  907.786.4908
Cell:  907.440.6281
Email:  scvanover@uaa.alaska.edu

This is a complete list of employees sorted by last name. See the organization chart for details.