On-Campus Living Tour Request Form


The Office of New Student Recruitment has teamed up with UAA's On-Campus Living Department to provide a specialized tour showcasing life at UAA from the perspective of a student living on-campus.  The UAA experience is significantly different for students who choose to live on-campus, and we've created a tour to help highlight that very thing!  

The On-Campus Living Tour includes a full tour of UAA's Residence Halls, resident dining facilities and a full tour of UAA's Main Campus.  The On-Campus Living Tour is currently available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10AM.  Please fill out the form below to schedule your tour! 

Enter your current school, if applicable.

All tour request confirmations will be sent via email. If you prefer to be contacted by phone, please indicate at the end of the form.

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If you are not sure what you intend to study you can enter undeclared.

On-Campus Living Tours are only available Tuesday and Thursday mornings and begin at 10 AM.

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Please enter any other information you would like us to know to help us plan your visit. If you require special accommodations, please enter them here.