Major in Geological Sciences

As of Fall of 2004 UAA has proudly offered a B.S. in Geological Sciences. Geology is the science that pursues an understanding of planet Earth. The Geological Sciences program incorporates areas of study in 1) Earth materials including: minerology, petrology, sedimentology and stratigraphy, volcanology, ore deposits, and structure, 2) geologic Earth history including historical geology and paleontology, 3) Earth surface processes including geomorphology, soils, paleoclimatology, and glacial geology, and 4) Earth's environmental systems including: hydrogeology, environmental geochemistry and geophysics. The curriculum at UAA is designed to provide students with a solid understanding of the geological sciences that will prepare them for graduate studies, government and industry employment, and teaching.

A program of study in the geological sciences requires completion of a basic science curriculum in the chemical, physical and mathematical sciences in addition to core courses and elective courses in the geological sciences. The B.S. in Geological Sciences offers students the choice of focus in either general geology or environmental geology. The general geology tract includes core geology courses with a range of upper division courses as electives. The environmental geology tract requires the core geology courses as well as specific upper division electives that focus on environmental topics such as environmental geochemistry, hydrogeology, and soils. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with a geological sciences faculty member to choose an appropriate direction of study that suits their individual goals.

The Bachelor of Science degree program in Geological Sciences requires a minimum of 120 credits for graduation and can be completed in four years by students who have adequate high school preparation in the sciences and math. Degree information about the required courses, suggested course sequence and CAS requirements can be found within the "Degree Information" sidebar on the right-hand side of this page or by visiting the UAA Wolflink course catalog.

Minor In Geological Sciences

 Students majoring in another subject who wish to minor in Geological Sciences must complete the following requirements: Completion of 18-20 credits in geology or environmental geology, 8 of which must be upper-division. Other information can be found by visiting Wolflink, or by contacting the Geological Sciences Department. 


Honors in Geological Sciences

The Department of Geological Sciences offers recognition to students who demonstrate exceptional promise in the science by awarding them with the Departmental Honors in Geological Sciences and noting the award on their permanent university transcript. To graduate with Departmental Honors, the student must be a declared Geological Sciences Major and meet the following requirements:

  • Satisfy all requirements for a B.S. degree in Geological Sciences
  • Maintain a G.P.A. of 3.50 or higher
  • Complete GEOL A499 Senior Thesis in Geological Sciences with a 'B' or better
  • Students intending to graduate with Departmental Honors must notify the Departmental Honors Committee,in writing, on or before the date that they file their Application for Graduation with the Enrollment Services Office