Field Trips

The University of Alaska-Anchorage Department of Geological Sciences emphasizes the importance of field work to all of their students.  This page contains a list of all the field trips and field courses that UAA Geology offers. Click the links below to display annotated slide shows describing each field trip.

 GEOL 382 Geologic Field Studies
SW17_smaller  (GEOL 382) Geology of the Southwestern United States
Hawaii_SmallerHawaii6  (GEOL 382) Geology of Hawaii (The "Big Island")
Galapagos Field Trip  (GEOL 382) Geology of the Galapagos Islands 
Grand Canyon Field Trip  (GEOL 382) Geology of the Grand Canyon

 GEOL 380, 381, 480, 481, 482
   (GEOL 380) Anchorage Geologic Field Studies
   (GEOL 381) Kenai Penninsula Geologic Field Studies
GEOL 480 SP 08 turbidites thumb  (GEOL 480) Geologic Field Methods see "Field Camp"
GEOL 481 structure in the Birch Creek schist thumb  (GEOL 481) Alaskan Geologic Field Investigations see "Field Camp"
   (GEOL 482) Geologic Field Investigations