Geomatics Faculty

 The faculty is a highly experienced and qualified team. Collectively, the current faculty have over 60 years of teaching experience, as well as three decades of industry experience. This places them in an excellent position to teach both theory and practice in all geomatics disciplines thereby providing a quality education and production of industry ready graduates. The faculty cover all six areas of expertise required for ABET accreditation. The diverse backgrounds and international expertise of the faculty also allow a variety of forms of communication with students, providing a better coverage of material and different approaches to problem solving. This greatly enhances the student experience.



  Gennady Gienko Professor and Chair (907) 786 - 1919
  John BeanAssistant (907) 786-1972
  Jeffery Hollingsworth Assistant Professor (907) 786 - 5428
  Caixia WangAssistant 786 - 1804