UAA Geomatics Program


Aerial view of the mountains outside Anchorage

The University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) Department of Geomatics is set in South Central Alaska at the foot of the Chugach Mountain Range.  Unlike any other place, students are able to learn and work in an environment wide open to opportunities to delve into terrain on which very few people have trod.  It is a land where wild life, nature and residents of Anchorage co-exist.  It is a place to explore and grow.

UAA Department of Geomatics is an ABET accredited program offering a curriculum and instruction with the latest industry technology.  UAA has the only Geomatics program in Alaska.  Our faculty work closely with industry leaders to provide students with the most recent equipment and software available.  The College of Engineering is equipped with 4 computer labs and expanding to include a new Engineering and Industry building. UAA Geomatics has one of the few programs nation-wide that offers education in all 6 areas of discipline in the field of Geomatics.