2013 UAA Department of Geomatics Graduates

Name                                             Degree Earned                       Honors

Carlos Randall Caceres                      Bachelor of Science

Gates C. Kesler                                Bachelor of Science

Forest WL Knutsen                           Bachelor of Science                    *

Joseph Lujan                                   Bachelor of Science

Roder Jonathon Scott                       Bachelor of Science                    *

Eric A Tweet                                   Bachelor of Science                    *

Kenneth Wayne Ayers III                   Associate of Applied Science

Waylon J Evans                                Associate of Applied Science

Crista Michelle Hahn                          Associate of Applied Science

Kenneth L. Kleewein II                       Associate of Applied Science

John J.McCormick                             Associate of Applied Science


2013 Graduation

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  • SoE Graduation Ceremony 2013 - Jon Roder
  • SoE Graduation Ceremony 2013 - Forest Knutsen
  • SoE Graduation Ceremony 2013 - Forest Knutsen - 1
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  • SoE Graduation Ceremony 2013 - Jon Roder - 2