Plans on file with the Office of Academic Affairs

The following academic program assessment plans are the most current plans on file with the Office of Academic Affairs. Please note that this is a dynamic list. If you think there is an error with the plan on file for your program, please contact the AAC at Programs which are assessed together and have one combined assessment plan are listed accordingly. 

Please note that programs are listed by their formal approved title. If you do not see your program, you can type "control-F" to search the page for it.


College of Arts and Sciences

Program Program Plan Date
Anthropology, BA/BS AY13
Anthropology, MA AY10
Applied Ethics, UC
Art, BA/BFA AY08
Biological Sciences, BA/BS AY15
Biological Sciences, MS AY08
Chemistry, BS AY09
Children's Mental Health, GC AY11
Clinical Psychology, MS AY09
Clinical-Community Psychology, PhD AY13
Creative Writing & Literary Arts, MFA AY09
English, BA AY13
English, MA AY13
Environment and Society, BS AY15
General Program, AA AY09
Geological Science, BS AY09
History, BA AY10
International Studies, BA AY14
Journalism & Public Communications, BA AY13
Languages, BA AY13
Mathematics, BA/BS AY13
Music, BA/BM AY08
Natural Sciences, BS AY15
Philosophy, BA AY08
Political Science, BA AY08
Psychology, BA/BS AY13
Sociology, BA/BS AY13
Theatre, BA AY13
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College of Business and Public Policy

Program Program Plan Date
Accounting, AAS AY11
Accounting, BBA/Economics, BBA/Finance, BBA/Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, BBA/Management Information Systems, BBA/Management, BBA/Marketing, BBA AY14
Business Computer Information Systems, AAS AY07
Economics, BA AY06
General Management, MBA AY09
Global Supply Chain Management, MS AY06
Logistics & Supply Chain Operations, AAS/OEC/UC AY09
Public Administration, MPA AY08
Small Business Administration, AAS AY07
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College of Education

Program Program Plan Date
Counselor Education, GC AY09
Counselor Education, MED AY08
Early Childhood Development, AAS/UC AY09
Early Childhood Education, BA/PBCT AY11
Early Childhood Special Education, MED AY08
Education, MAT AY08
Educational Leadership, MED/Principal, GC AY16
Elementary Education, BA/PBCT AY15
Language Education, GC AY07
Special Education, GC/MED AY08
Speech Language Pathology, PBCT AY15
Teaching and Learning, MED AY15
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College of Engineering

Program Program Plan Date
Applied Environmental Science & Technology, MO/MS AY05
Arctic Engineering, MS AY06
Civil Engineering, BS AY13
Civil Engineering, MCE/MS AY06
Coastal, Ocean and Port Engineering, GC
Computer Science, BA/BS AY15
Computer Science, MS
Computer Systems Engineering, BS AY15
Earthquake Engineering, GC
Electrical Engineering, BS AY15
Engineering & Science Management, MS AY16
Environmental Regulation & Permitting, GC AY09
Geographic Information Systems, UC AY14
Geomatics, AAS AY14
Geomatics, BS AY14
Mechanical Engineering, BS AY16
Mechanical Engineering, MS AY13
Project Management, MS AY07
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College of Health

Program Program Plan Date
Advanced Human Service Systems, GC
Children's Behavioral Health, OEC AY16
Civic Engagement, UC AY15
Clinical Assistant, OEC AY15
Clinical Social Work Practice, GC AY05
Dental Assisting, AAS/UC AY10
Dental Hygiene, AAS AY11
Dental Hygiene, BS AY10
Diagnostic Medical Sonography, AAS AY14
Dietetic Internship, GC AY12
Dietetics, BS AY12
Fire & Emergency Services Technology, AAS AY15
Health Sciences, BS AY09
Human Services, AAS/BHS, Conflict Resolution, OEC AY12
Justice, BA AY09
Legal Studies, BA/Paralegal Studies, AAS/Legal Nurse Consultant Paralegal, UC/Paralegal Studies, PBCT AY13
Limited Radiography, OEC AY10
Medical Assisting, AAS AY10
Medical Lab Technology, AAS/Medical Laboratory Science, BS AY12
Medical Office Coding, OEC
Nursing Practice, Doctor of AY15
Nursing Science, BS AY14
Nursing Science, MS/Family Nurse Practitioner, GC/Nursing Education, GC/Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, GC AY16
Nursing, AAS AY11
Pharmacy Technology, OEC
Phlebotomist, OEC AY15
Physical Therapist Assistant, AAS AY13
Public Health Practice, Master of AY11
Radiologic Technology, AAS AY08
Social Work Management, GC AY05
Social Work, Bachelor of AY15
Social Work, Master of AY15
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Community and Technical College

Program Program Plan Date
Air Traffic Control, AAS AY12
Applied Technologies Leadership, BS AY16
Architectural & Engineering Technology, AAS/Architectural Technology, UC/Civil Technology, UC/Mechanical & Electrical Technology, UC/Structural Technology, UC/CAD for Building Construction, OEC AY15
Automotive Brakes, Suspension, Alignment, OEC
Automotive Electrical, OEC
Automotive Engine Performance, OEC
Automotive Power Trains, OEC
Automotive Technology, AAS AY08
Automotive Technology, UC AY08
Aviation Administration, AAS AY08
Aviation Maintenance Technology - Airframe, UC AY09
Aviation Maintenance Technology - Powerplant, UC AY09
Aviation Maintenance Technology, AAS AY09
Aviation Technology, BS - Aviation Management Option AY08
Aviation Technology, BS - Professional Piloting Option AY16
Computer & Networking Technology, AAS/Computer & Networking Technology, UC/Cisco-Certified Network Associate, OEC AY11
Computer Information and Office Systems, AAS/Corporate Specified Skills, OEC/Office Foundations, OEC/Office Support, OEC AY13
Construction Management, AAS AY09
Construction Management, BS AY09
Culinary Arts, AAS AY13
Diesel Power Technology, UC/AAS AY16
Fitness Leadership, OEC
Hospitality Restaurant Management, BA AY13
Nondestructive Testing Technology, OEC
Occupational Safety & Health, AAS AY16
Outdoor Leadership, OEC
Physical Education, BS AY11
Professional Piloting, AAS AY08
Retail Management, UC AY12
Welding & Nondestructive Testing Technology, AAS AY11
Welding, OEC
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Kenai Peninsula College

Program Program Plan Date
Corrections, OEC/UC AY12
General Business, AAS AY14
General Program, AA AY07
Industrial Process Instrumentation, AAS AY10
Paramedical Technology, AAS (Interim Plan) AY13
Petroleum Technology, UC AY05
Process Technology, AAS AY15
Welding Technology, UC AY13
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Kodiak College

Program Program Plan Date
Accounting, AAS AY08
Alutiiq Language, OEC AY14
Computer Systems Technology, AAS AY04
General Business, AAS AY08
General Program, AA AY08
Office Foundations, OEC/Office Support, OEC AY16
Technology, AAS - Construction Emphasis/Construction Technology, UC AY06
Technology, AAS - Occupational Safety & Health Emphasis/Industrial Safety Program Support, UC AY06
Technology, AAS - Welding Emphasis/Welding, UC AY06
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Matanuska-Susitna College

Program Program Plan Date
Accounting, AAS AY15
Computer & Networking Technology, AAS
Computer Systems Technology, AAS/Cisco-Certified Network Associate, OEC AY16
General Business, AAS
General Program, AA AY13
Human Services, AAS AY08
Office Foundations, OEC/Office Support, OEC AY16
Paramedical Technology, AAS AY13
Refrigeration & Heating Technology, AAS/Commercial HVAC Systems, OEC/Commercial Refrigeration Systems, OEC/Residential & Light Commercial Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, OEC/Residential & Light Commercial Heating & Ventilation, OEC/Refrigeration & Heating Technology, UC AY13
Small Business Administration, AAS AY15
Sustainable Energy, OEC AY16
Veterinary Assisting, OEC AY09
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University Honors College

Program Program Plan Date
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