UAA Curriculum Has Gone Electronic!

Faculty will use the new Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) system for curriculum, course fees, and new and revised assessment plans. 

We will no longer be accepting paper versions of the PAR, CAR or CCG forms for permanent courses as they have been incorporated into the new systems. Many of the fields are pre-loaded for your convenience. CEUs and temporary courses (93,94) are not supported by the CIM system and will be required to submit paper copies of the Course Action Request, Course Content Guide, Resource Implication Form, and Course Fee Request

To begin working on your curriculum proposal, please see the curriculum landing page or access CIM directly by clicking on one of the following links:

Course Proposals - All course additions, revisions, and deletions will be entered through this site. Login by using your UAA username and password.  If your course has fees associated with it, you will need to complete the Course Fee Request Form and upload it into CIM. 

Program Proposals - Program additions, revisions, and deactivations as well as assessment plans and program student learning outcomes, are all processed through this system. 

Program Additions - If you are creating a new program, you must first receive pre-approval through the Prospectus Management System. Please contact the Office of Academic Affairs at for questions regarding this step. 

Assessment Plans - For more information on Assessment Plans and for additional forms that may need to be completed and uploaded into the electronic system, please see the Assessment website or contact the Office of Academic Affairs. 

For questions and troubleshooting, please contact your CIM Support Team in the Registrar's Office:
Michael Smith (, 907-786-1555) or Gianna Niva (, 907-786-4606). 

Please ensure that you submit your materials earlier than the dates listed below in order to receive approval from previous levels of review (i.e. Department Chair, College Curriculum Committee, and Dean). As we cannot predict the workload of the committees nor the amount of questions that will arise during your proposal review, these dates do not guarantee inclusion in the UAA schedule and/or catalog. 


The March 1st deadline for course additions will not allow items enough time to complete the process for inclusion in the Fall 2016 schedule for the opening of registration. Please submit course additions by January 15 to ensure availability of the course on the first day of fall registration.