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August 11th - Annual Fall Retreat held in Student Union Den
Retreat PowerPoint
Guidance for Academic Decisions in a Climate of Declining Budgets, AY2016-17

September 4

October 2

November 6

December 4

February 5

March 4

April 1

May 2
    - President's Report
    - UAA Student Feedback Systems

AY16 UAA FS Bylaws & Constitution Revisions


August 19th Retreat
Undergraduate Academic Affairs Report
Academic Assessment Overview (AY14)
Institutional Academic Assessment Survey Report (AY14)
Faculty Perspective on General Education Survey Results
UAA FY16 Budget Request Descriptions
UAA FY16 Budget Presentation

September 5
Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs Report 
UAA Highlights for the Board of Regents
University Advancement Report

October 3
General Education Requirements (GER) Assessment Task Force Report
Preparing for the NWCCU Accreditation Visit Fall 2014
Honors College Priority Registration for the Spring and Fall 2015 Semesters

November 7

December 5

February 6
CORCA Report

March 6
BPFA Report
University of Alaska Recent Alumni Survey 2014 Report

April 3

May 1 - Reminder: This meeting is being held in the Alaska Airlines Center Auxiliary Gym
Amended agenda with GER catalog updates - A motion will be made during the approval of the agenda to accept this version.



September 6
University Advancement Report
General Education Requirements
Assessment Task Force Report

Student Satisfaction Survey
Accreditation Update 

October 4
Library Advisory Committee (LAC) Report
Research and Creative Activity Committee Report
Program Prioritization Academic Task Force Report

November 1
Academic Task Force Report

December 6
Academic Task Force Report

February 7
Academic Task Force Report 

March 7
University Advancement Report
Call for Nomination of Faculty to Lead the Development of the UAA Diversity Action Plan 
Faculty Senate By-laws for the election ballot

April 4
UAA Accreditation Overview Draft

May 2
Fall 2013 IDEA Response Rates for KPC


September 7
University Advancement Report

Proposed Changes to the Faculty Senate Constitution
Proposed Changes to the Faculty Senate By-Laws

October 5
Faculty Grants and Leaves

November 2
Revised Faculty Senate President Report

December 7
Distance Lab Discussion
Faculty Grants & Leaves

February 1

March 1
Institutional Effectiveness, Engagement, and Academic Support

April 5
Establishment of a Faculty Senate Standing Committee on Research and Creative Activity

May 3
Chapter 12 Catalog Changes
Summative Comments of Deans & Assoc Deans
Summative Comments of UAA Chairs
Response to Faculty Senate Feedback on the UAA Strategic Research Plan Draft
Community Campus Report

Proposed Changes to the Faculty Senate Constitution
Proposed Changes to the Faculty Senate By-Laws