United Healthcare Health Insurance Coverage



Graduate students employed as Research Assistants, Teaching Assistants or Service Assistants are eligible for health insurance paid for by the department in which the student is employed.  Insurance is a mandatory benefit and provided on a semester by semester basis.  

Graduate assistant insurance is provided by United Health Care. To find out more about the insurance plan, check out: Graduate Assistant Health InsuranceHealth Discount Program and Health Care 101

For general information about plans provided by United Healthcare, check out the United Healthcare website. You can find more information about the Graduate Assistant Health Insurance plan (including information on premium rates for dependents) by reviewing the: 2016-248-2 Summary Brochure

2015-2016  Student Plan Rates (paid by UAA)

Fall Semester - $750.00 (8/25/2015 to 1/4/2016)

Spring Semester - $858.00 (1/5/2016 to 5/16/2016)

Spring/Summer - $1,503.00 [for Research or Service Assistants] (1/5/2016 to 8/24/2016)

Summer Semester - $645.00 (5/17/2016 to 8/24/2016)


Initiating United Healthcare Coverage

The Basics

  1. Stop by the Graduate School (1901 Bragaw, Suite 368) or email the letter and form to the Graduate School as soon as possible in the semester.
    1. Bring a copy of your signed contact letter.
    2. Complete your enrollment form. 
  2. Create an online account through United Healthcare to initiate your benefits. 
  3. Contact the Graduate School if you encounter any issues with coverage*. 

*Until further notice, students must follow each step every semester for which they are awarded a graduate assistantship. Failure to do so will result in delayed coverage and late processing of your tuition remission payment.  

More Details 

If students are unable to complete their enrollment in person, they must contact Elisa Mattison as soon as possible.

To create an account with United Healthcare, go to the United Healthcare website, search University of Alaska Anchorage, then select create account option. Or click the following link: Create an online account. 

 If you have problems with your coverage, you may contact Elisa Mattison  or 786-1096 with questions.