Living In Anchorage

How do you know if you will enjoy living in Alaska?  What will it be like to live in Anchorage?  We think we have the most beautiful campus in the friendliest city located in the greatest state in the entire United States of America.  We encourage you to come and visit our campus to determine for yourself why you belong at the University of Alaska Anchorage.  There are lots of resources on the internet that give you insight into the life awaiting you here in Anchorage, Alaska.  

Residence Life

The Department of Residence Life is committed to providing programs and services that create a community living environment in which mutual respect among all of its members is achieved. The opportunity to work and live with people of varying ages, ethnic backgrounds, abilities, sexual orientations, and religious affiliations helps strengthen our community. We recognize individual rights to cultural expression and encourage exploration of other traditions.



Family Friendly

The University of Alaska Anchorage values our students and their families.  Resources are available at UAA and in the community at large to assist.

For students with young children, Tanaina Child Development Center is currently located on the campus of the University of Alaska Anchorage. The staff at Tanaina are trained in early childhood development skills.  Tours are available to determine if this is a good match for your child care needs. Please note: Tanaina Center will be moving from the Student Union to other facilities. Please contact the Tanaina Center for current information.


Emergencies on Campus

Providing a safe instructional, living, and working environment is an important goal at the University of Alaska Anchorage. UAA is required by federal law to report crimes that occur on campus and at off-campus locations where University classes and other sponsored activities occur. More information on campus safety and emergency plans can be accessed at the University of Alaska Anchorage Safety webpages.