Banner Course Updates:

Shows the approval of courses for the academic year (AY), including adds, deletes, and changes. Updated continuously. Available to open as a spreadsheet for sorting or printing the information.

Banner SI Training

Course Action Requests (CAR)

Course Content Guides

Acrobat PDF files of all active credit courses. Updated continuously.

Curriculum Handbook

The Curriculum Handbook is a guide put out by the Governance Office which explains the curriculum process, including a review of the academic boards and the curriculum approval process. Download current Curriculum Handbook under "Quick Links" on the Governance web site.

Degree Check Sheets

Degree check sheets for advisers and faculty.

Designing a Course and Preparing a Syllabus

Faculty and Administrative Forms

Forms specifically for faculty and staff.

Faculty and Staff Resources

Faculty Advising Manual

FERPA Training 

All Advisors working with Graduate Students must be FERPA trained.  On-line training is available.  All Faculty working with Graduate Students must be FERPA trained.  On-line training is available.

Governance Web Site

Great site to learn about the curriculum process or to check the status of a CAR.

Graduate Academic Board
All Course and Curriculum changes must go through the Graduate Academic Board (GAB) after they have been approved by the College or School Curriculum Committee. Changes to courses and curriculum are approved by the Dean of the Graduate School. Please consult the UAA Curriculum Handbook for an overview of the do's and don'ts of curriculum additions, deletions, and changes.

Prerequisite Form

Use this form to request prerequisite checking for specific courses, to prevent students from registering in those courses unless they have met the prerequisites.

Room Scheduling

University of Alaska Anchorage classrooms are scheduled through Publications & Scheduling at the University Center.

Semester Schedule/Fee Search

An easy-to-use course schedule and fee search providing several ways to query course schedule information. This search is most useful for obtaining lists of various kinds of course listings. Data is download from the Banner database bi-weekly. For the most up-to-date information, use the UAOnline course search. All courses are shown except inactive and canceled.

Staff Handbook (NEW) 

Web Grading (Instructions)

Learn how to submit grades online using the UAOnline system. This link opens a PDF file that you can save to your computer for easy reference.

Web Grading FAQ's