In the beginning...

To apply for either a master's program or a graduate certificate program, please review the Office of Admissions page for qualifications and required admission documents.This page also includes a link to the graduate application. Click the following: Office of Admissions Graduate Admission.
Be sure to consult your specific program of interest as programs may have additional or varying requirements and deadlines.

Upon being accepted, if you decide to postpone your admission you can do so here.

Academic Progress

The following illustrate graduate students' progress over the course of their program. For both forms, advisors or committee members should fill out, request student signature and submit. 
  • Programs/Advisors/Committee members must complete a substantive evaluation of student progress at least once a year before September 15th. Please use the following form Annual Report of Graduate Student Progress. Email to and You can also send a hard copy to Polina Martin, Graduate School, ADM 218A.  

  • Hard copies of the Graduate Studies Plan are no longer accepted. Advisors, please populate DegreeWorks.


Conducting Research

This Research Compliance and Intellectual Properties Form is completed and is submitted to the Graduate School for any research, thesis, or project undertaken by the graduate student during time in their matriculation. Anytime the research, thesis, or project changes, a new form must be submitted to the Graduate School. This form is in addition to Institutional Research Board (IRB) and Institutional Animal Use and Care (IACUC) requests to the Office of Research Compliance.

Making Changes

There are many situations in which a student would need to make changes. Review the following situations to see if any coincide with your needs. Feel free to contact the Graduate School with questions or concerns. 
  • If extenuating circumstances necessitate you take time off from your graduate studies, please submit for temporary leave of absence. The following is a link to the form: Temporary Leave of Absence. If your situation is not dire, but you would like to suspend your studies, review the Continuous Registration Policy.
  • To change majors or emphasis areas within the same degree type and within the same school or college, fill out a Change of Major or Emphasis form. The following link will take you to the form: Change of Major or Emphasis.
  • To document your committee members, fill out the Appointment or Change of Graduate Advisory Committee form. This form must be submitted for all committee appointments for thesis or projects beginning Fall 2013. To find the form click here: Appointment or Change of Graduate Advisory Committee
  • Deviations from academic policies or requirements must be approved by academic petition. Each academic petition must be signed by the advisor, department chair of the student's major and the dean of the college. The Graduate School has final approval. To complete a petition, use the following link: Graduate Academic Petition.
  • If you have been removed from your program and have permission to return to degree seeking status, and are within your 7-year limit, complete the Reinstatement to Graduate Degree Status. You can find the form here: Reinstatement to Graduate Degree Status.

Approaching Graduation

Students nearing their anticipated graduation date should review the following forms. Please do not hesitate to contact the Graduate School for clarification.

Students may need to complete at least one of the following: Report on Thesis Defense, Report on Project Defense, Report on Comprehensive Exam, or Report on Clinical Portfolio, in order to graduate. 

NOTE: Graduate Requirement Report for Graduates (GRR) is no longer accepted. Please use above forms.

All students will need to apply to graduate. Find the application to graduate here: Application for Graduation. For information about graduation, see Graduation and Beyond webpage.You can also reach the page here.

Anthropology students intending to graduate also need to complete the Application for Advancement to Candidacy. Click the following link for the form: Application for Advancement to Candidacy.