Graduate Projects

Graduate Student Research:

All graduate students are strongly encouraged to complete Responsible Conduct of Research Training (RCR):

The University of Alaska Anchorage promotes Responsible Conduct of Research enforcing high standards of ethics and accountability in planning, implementation, behavior and information dissemination. UAA provides a CITI Course in the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR), a comprehensive basic course in RCR for all UAA faculty, students, research administrators, and staff involved in any aspect of research. 

Graduate students planning to conduct research that involves the use of human participant subjects and/or human participant data, vertebrate animals, hazardous chemicals, biohazards, and/or radioactive materials are required to complete the Research Compliance and Intellectual Property (RCIP) Form. Also, if graduate students are planning research that will lead to intellectual property with commercial potential, they should complete the RCIP Form. At the same time, all graduate students are expected to respect the copyright, license and intellectual property rights that may attach to files of any media type, including software, texts, databases, images, video, music and other audio files, especially when using university computing and/or networking resources. For further information, contact the Office of Research Integrity & Compliance Officer or the associate vice provost for Research Administration and Commercialization.

Graduate Programs with Project Requirement or Option

Several graduate degree programs offer the option of a project as a final degree requirement. Programs that require projects are:

College of Business & Public Policy:
  • Global Supply Chain Management (MS)
College of Engineering -
  • Arctic Engineering (MS)
  • Civil Engineering (M-CE)
  • Engineering Management (MS)
  • Project Management (MS)
  • Science Management (MS)
College of Health -
  • Nursing (MS & DNP)
  • Public Health (MPH)
Community & Technical College -
  • Career & Technical Education (MS)

Each program maintains separate rules and regulations, which students can review in the respective handbooks. However, submission guidelines for all departments are mandated by the Graduate School.  


Need help formatting your project?

Please review your Program Project Handbook (see below). The UAA Writing Center and the Office of Continuing Education may be able to assist you with formatting issues using MS Word. 

Please use the following templates to format the Project Title Pages:

Project Title Page Template

Project Title Page Template (DNP)

Included is formatting checklist for your convenience:

Project Formatting Checklist (includes APA Style Requirements)


Project Submission Instructions

All projects must be submitted to the Graduate School and the UA Institutional Repository to complete degree requirements.

Instructions for Submitting Projects:

1. Final projects must have completed Project Submission Form approved by the College dean.

2. Graduate programs must email a project submission packet to:

3. Project submission packets must include:

  • Completed and signed Project Submission Form (separate from project)
  • PDF of project 
  • Copy of the completed Institutional Repository Waiver (see forms)
  • Any added instructions regarding embargo or proprietary data.

4. Upon receipt of the packet, the Graduate School will:

  • insert a notation in Banner that the student's project is complete (student cannot graduate without this notation). Notation will be reflected in student's DegreeWorks audit.
  • send the signed Project Submission Form to the student's file in Enrollment Services.

5. The Consortium Library will upload the project into the UA Institutional Repository currently known as ScholarWorks@UA.

  • The student author may request an email notification from the Consortium Library when the publication is complete (see IR Waiver form).
  • The student author may request an access embargo period from 1 to 5 years at time of deposit.

6. Projects must be submitted to the Graduate School and Library by the last day of the semester in order for students to graduate in that semester.  However, earlier submission is encouraged.

  • Fall 2016: December 10
  • Spring 2017: April 24
  • Summer 2016: July 25

Formatting Handbooks for Projects

Public Health Practice Project Practicum Handbook