Greek Life - Leadership

Greek life provides an excellent place to gain the experience and knowledge necessary for successful leadership. Each Greek chapter is self-governing and relies on the special talents of its members for successful management. Serving as an officer on the Executive Council or on a committee develops leadership skills in the areas of self-responsibility, decision making, and communication. Also, Greek Life is a bridge to other campus activities such as student government (USUAA), Greek Council executive offices, and student organizations. The current USUAA President is a Greek Member with the Sorority Sigma Sigma Sigma. Following the footsteps of the many previous USUAA Presidents and Vice Presidents who have been Greek Members.

Nationally, numerous chapters have leadership conferences and conventions located in various parts of the country every summer. These provide students the opportunity to meet their brothers and sisters from around the world. Regional training workshops are also provided by National Headquarters, and members are given the opportunity to lear the newest leadership techniques through the most modern approaches to leadership learning.

Truly, what you put into any position is what you will gain, and Greek Life offers the opportunity to give it your all, and to develop leadership skills, which will help you succeed in college and beyond.