Greek Life - Scholarship

You can stay out late. You can study on your own time. Freedom is good. Failing isn't. There is a time for work and a time for fun. Greeks know the difference

As students, your first priority is academic success. Fraternities and sororities offer many resources and programs to facilitate high quality learning for their members and to remind them that academics are the top priority.

Scholarships are available from the national organizations and at time local chapters to their members, encouraging academic success and assistance with associated costs. These scholarships benefit both new and active fraternity and sorority members and assist them in funding their college and Greek Life related expenses.

The Greek organizations on campus have study hours for their new and active members. Minimum GPAs are required in each chapter for affiliation, initiation, and maintenance of good standing with the fraternity or sorority. The goal of study tables is to encourage cooperative and quiet studying among chapter members.