UAA Green Fee Board

USUAA Constitution: Article Ten: Green Fee Board; Sections 1-3

The purpose of the Green Fee Board will be to promote sustainability efforts on the UAA campus through student-led initiatives that are defined as environmentally wise, economically sound, and socially responsible. The Board will carry out this purpose by managing the Green Fee to fund student initiated projects.

The board consists of seven (7) voting members: the director of sustainability, one (1) faculty member to be chosen by the USUAA President from a list of recommendations submitted by the director of sustainability, two (2) members of the USUAA Assembly, and three (3) students-at-large appointed by the USUAA President, plus any ex-officio, non-voting members as needed for advisory purposes.

Further policies and procedures for the Green Fee Board will be outlined within the USUAA Bylaws.
USUAA Bylaws: Green Fee Board Article Twenty-One, Sections 1-4


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