About the UAA Graduate Student Association

The Graduate (and Professional) Student Association represents the interests of all students wishing to attain advanced degrees at the University of Alaska Anchorage by working closely with UAA administrative offices and student government for positive change. The GSA serves as the official graduate voice for over 1600 graduate and professional students to improve graduate students' academic, social, living or commuting experience while at UAA.

Mission Statement:
The graduate student association hereafter referred to as GSA, will represent the interests of students wishing to attain an advanced degree by communicating with the university to effect positive change. The GSA will work to make UAA a more competitive institution by maintaining a living wage, adequate health insurance, sufficient resources and administrative support for all teaching and research assistants [among other issues]. The GSA will be a supportive community for students in all departments.


1. Membership is open to all students.

2. Any graduate or professional student enrolled in a minimum of 3 credits and pursuing a master or doctoral degree at the University of Alaska Anchorage may vote at GSA meetings.


The GSA Board will consist of the following positions (*designates that position must be filled for the GSA to function):

a. GSA Coordinator*
i. Ensures progress of GSA objectives.
ii. Assists other committee members when needed.
iii. Performs duty of another member in the event that the person primarily responsible for a particular activity is unavailable.

b. Administrative Chair *
i. Records and posts meeting minutes.
ii. Archives all official GSA documents (i.e. letters written on behalf of the GSA, petitions, etc).
iii. Assists Coordinator.

c. Treasurer*
i. Develops and submits budget to USUAA.
ii. Reports finance status to committee.

d. Technology Chair 
i. Maintains website.
ii. Communicates with the UAA Technology Board.
iii. Trained in using UAA Life

e. GSA/USUAA Liaison*
i. Attends and votes weekly at USUAA meetings.
ii. Facilitates communication between USUAA and GSA.
iii. Must be able to meet with USUAA every Friday at 3:00 pm

f. Graduate Council Representative 
i. Attends bimonthly GAB meetings as the voting graduate student representative.
ii. Must be able to meet the 3rd Friday of every month from 12:00 to 1:00 pm

g. Graduate Academic Board Representative
i. Attends Faculty Senate meetings
ii. Must be able to meet every other Friday from 9:30 am to 11:30 am.

All committee members serve a term of one (1) academic year beginning in August.

All committee members must be in good academic standing (maintain 3.0 average) or their seat will be forfeited.

All Executive Board Officers (those with *) are eligible for a 1 credit tuition scholarship at the resident rate for a UAA course for each semester (fall and spring) of service.