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GSA Scholarship - Request for Proposal

Fall 2012 RFP Available Here
Request for Proposals
Due October 29, 2012, 5pm

The UAA Graduate Student Association (GSA) requests proposals each spring and fall for awards to assist advanced level studies and research at the University of Alaska Anchorage.  Awards of up to $1000 are available. Preference will be given to graduate students, however, all UAA students who meet the eligibility requirements may apply.

Scholarship Details
  • Applicants must be enrolled in at least 3 credits during the semester of application.
  • Students must be in good disciplinary standing at UAA.
    • If good disciplinary standing is lost during the semester of award, the scholarship is forfeit.
  • Students must be in good academic standing at UAA.
    • Graduate students must have a GPA of 3.0 or better, undergraduate students mush have a GPA of 2.5 or better.
  • Students must be in good financial standing at UAA.
    • No holds may be on a students account, including tuition, fees, library fines or parking permit or fine fees.
  • Distance Education students who have not paid UAA student government fees during the application semester are not eligible for this award.
    • Student in joint UAA-UAF programs are eligible to apply IF they have paid UAA Student Government Fees for this semester.
    • If you are unsure if you have paid these fees, you can review your fee assessment for the semester on UAOnline.
Funding priorities:
  • Scholarship proposals may be written to support the following:
    • Research (e.g., research supplies, travel related to data collection, participant compensation, etc.)
    • Travel to professional conferences to present academic research
    • Travel to professional conferences related to student's academic development.
Important scholarship information:
  • GSA Scholarship funds are NOT awarded for tuition, student fees, the applicants' salary or any other basic costs of attending school.
  • Preference will be given to support students in completing their research or capstone project, followed by funding for students to travel to present at professional conferences, and finally for travel to attend professional conferences.
  • Need, as defined by a lack of outside funding, will not be a consideration for awarding funds.
  • If awarded the scholarship will be applied to the students UAOnline account. It is not a reimbursement.
  • International Students should be aware that this scholarship is taxable in accordance to your country of origin taxation agreement.
  • The request for proposal must be submitted electronically to
Awardee Requirements
  • Recipients are REQUIRED to give a presentation of their work at the GSA/ENRI Graduate Studies and Research Symposium that is held on campus during the Spring 2012 semester. 
  • Recipients are REQUIRED to participate as a GSA Scholarship Review Committee member in the semester following their award.
  • Failure to fulfill these requirements will result in ineligibility for future scholarships or funding opportunities through the GSA.

Submission Information
  • Submit your proposal to by 5pm on October 29, 2012.
  • Ask your adviser or research sponsor to submit a short email in support of your project and approving your proposed budget (
    • We will not review your proposal without this email of support!
  • Submit your proposal as one PDF document using the following naming protocol:
    • 8-digit UA ID number_GSA_Scholarship_Proposal_F2012
    • For example: 30XXXXXX_GSA_Scholarship_proposal_F2012.pdf
  • Only include your name and identifying information on the proposal cover sheet.
  • Attach de-identified electronic/scanned version of supporting documentation (e.g., flight reservations or conference registration confirmation) to the proposal as applicable.
    • Failure to de-identify the documents will result in disqualification from the review process!

Proposal Format

  • Format your proposal according to the GSA scholarship template, linked at the top of this page, following these instruction:
    • Do not exceed 4 pages of text, excluding cover sheet, supporting documentation and literature cited.
    • Double-space your proposal
    • Use a minimum of 0.5 inch margins and 12 points Times New Roman or similar font.
    • Add your personal eight-digit UA ID number in footer so it shows up on each page of proposal.
    • Add page numbers
  • The template provides bullet points that specify what to include in each section as seen below.  In your proposal, write in narrative format (i.e., do not retain the bullet points, but address each bullet clearly in narrative format).
    • Cover page:
      • Name, Email, Program/Department, Degree seeking, year in Degree Program, major supervisor
    • Description of your research/project:
      • Personal area of study/project title
      • Project summary (include proposed methodology, if applicable)
    • Benefits of the funding to your project.
      • Of the funding/project to your personal and professional development.
      • Of the project to UAA and the greater community.
    • Budget
      • Description of how requested funds will be used.
      • Itemized description of budget, include other funding sources used.
    • References/Works Cited in format appropriate to your discipline
      • Additional Documents (Attach the following budget documentation)
        • Supporting documentation detailing the costs of goods or services for which funding is requested.
        • Proof of acceptance to attend or present at a conference, if applicable.
        • Flight reservations, if applicable.

GSA Scholarship Review Committee Information

All proposals will be ranked in the following five categories by UAA graduate students and faculty from various disciplines:

  • Quality of research/project description. (e.g., clear articulation of project purpose, methods if applicable, proper spelling and grammar).
  • Justification of benefits (e.g., of the funding to your project, of the funding to your personal and professional development and of the project to UAA and the greater community).
  • Detail and quality of budget information
  • References and works cited
  • Preference will be given to graduate research proposals, followed by travel related to research or research presentations.

Review Timeline

  • Application Deadline October 29th
  • Deadline for reviewer submissions November 16th
  • Award Date December 7th
Submission Deadline

All proposals and faculty emails of support should be submitted via email to no later than 

5pm, October 29, 2012

A Note on Funding Requests for Travel:Travel grants are available from the USUAA Travel Board. Information can be found at Please consider applying for both the GSA Scholarship and the travel grant in order to have the highest chance of success in being funded. You are allowed to receive funds from both the Travel Board and GSA.However, double-dipping is not allowed; you may not receive more funds (from the GSA Scholarship and the travel grant combined) than the total cost of your travel.

An important not regarding taxation: A scholarship award may be considered taxable income, refer to your tax adviser for additional information.

For more information on the RFP and/or review process please email



A request for proposals will be sent out each year in the Fall and possibly in the Spring, depending on funding. To receive information about future funding opportunities register for the GSA listserve by completing the form at