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Copier Order Form  (DO NOT USE - for reference only. All new orders should use Ricoh contract form below.)

Ricoh Contract Information

Effective July 1, 2015

Copier Info (pdf)

Copier Order Form 

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Canon Copier Drivers

- Canon 3000 series (32-bit)  

- Canon 3000 series (64-bit)     

- ALL Canon ADVANCED series (32/64-bit)

MAC Users
Please use the following directions to install your new MAC OS Canon driver:
1 - Remove the previously installed printer version
2 - Restart your MAC
3 - Run the installer for the new 10.2 driver version
4 - Restart your MAC
5 - Add the new printer as an IP printer
6 - Input the IP address, you may leave the queue name blank or use lp
7 - Add the printer driver by looking in the printers list under "Use"
8 - Select "Software," scroll down through the list to find the appropriate model Canon
9 - The current driver is in the list as model number only, there is no UFR driver determination, it is usually at the top of the drivers list under the model number

*You will know the right driver version is in place when the details show driver 10.2
*Configure additional settings under CUPS, localhost: 631


For additional assistance please contact Jeff Smith at (907) 786-1035.