Please complete the following information as it should appear on the finished product and review all information prior to submission. If you need to make changes to your order, please do so by calling (907) 786-6860 as soon as possible. Once your stationery has been printed, we cannot make changes to your order and you will be responsible for paying for the order as printed.

Please allow up to 7-10 business days for production



According to UAA Branding Standards, business cards are set up following the “rule of 3s.” You get 3 lines for your name and titles, 3 lines for your contact information, and 3 lines for your location/address. Off-Campus locations get 3 additional lines for location. If you have any questions regarding business card setup, please contact GSS at (907) 786-6860.

Please enter physical address for off-campus location (if applicable)

Please include any additional information that we may need to process your order, include delivery location if different from billing location.

By submitting your request and typing your name next to "I Agree," you are agreeing that the information entered is accurate, complete, and correct. You consent to having your UAA business cards, printed based on the information provided.